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Legoland February 6, 2014

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It’s been a crazy 24 hours. I’m pretty sure Owen has some kind of bug. Yesterday had it’s rough moments especially when it came to putting Owen down for bed. Every time we laid him down he would start screaming. The only option for a while seemed like letting him sleep on my lap or in my arms… Or turn off the monitor and let him cry it out. After about 3 hours of attempting the bedtime process, Owen finally stayed down sometime after midnight. Yipee. Of course, I was thrilled when my alarm went off early this morning. Time to get up and ready for work. We had already decided to let Owen tag along with us today since he has been refusing bottles lately and today we planned to a lot of errands and Owen is a great traveler. I’m not thrilled with the decision to take my baby to work with me, but it is what it is. Anyway, after the crazy night, Jeremy and I decided to  let Owen sleep until he woke up on his own. So now I am home. Listening to the monitor and wondering why I showered at 6:45am. I should be sleeping too. Oh well. It would figure on the day that we have plans to take Owen with us, the kid would decide to sleep past 9:00am. I’m learning that going back to work with a breastfed baby is tricky. Really tricky. Anyway…

My rant on parenthood is now over. Since I’m currently enjoying some free time, I thought I would share a few Lego pictures I took last night of Jeremy’s office. The move is now officially done and the new theme is very much in place. Our office has become Legoland. A small WA state version, but Legoland nonetheless. I’m positive my hubby is very happy as he now works surrounded by his new toys. Who says you have to grow up? Become a children’s pastor and you can surround yourself with Legos too!



Gotta love Disney!

Gotta love Disney!


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