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Legos & The Super Bowl February 5, 2014

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It was an interesting weekend for us Scotts. After the big office move, my husband decided that his Mr. Potato Head collection was so 2008 and he needed a new theme for a new office. This led to Jeremy selling his potato heads and a shopping trip to Portland. The new theme of choice was Legos. This is a clear winner for Jeremy who at almost 33 still loves Legos. He is a Children’s Pastor, so of course, the theme fits his profession. Friday we drove around looking for various Lego items – storage bricks, giant Lego heads, a cup holder, a calender… etc. Jeremy felt since we share this office that I needed to be represented as well. He purchased Disney Princess Legos in my honor. The office now holds a Lego wall clock that Jeremy made himself and a paper tray he made himself. He purchased Toy Story sets of Buzz Lightyear and Zurg – father and son. He also got a Woody Lego clock. To represent the Northwest we have a Mountain Hut with a Lego with a bread and an ATV. Oh yeah, we’re cool. To represent “me”, we have Ariel and Prince Eric, Rapunzel and Flynn Rider and now we’re soon to add Cinderella.  I don’t any pictures yet of the finished office, but I hope to post some soon. Saturday was spent putting the Legos together. This was a first for me. I’ve never assembled Legos from a kit before. My sister had an assorted box of Duplos growing up, but nothing that gave step by step instructions to build anything. At the beginning of my building experience, I got a bit of a headache from trying to find the right pieces and the right angles, but I quickly got the hang of things and soon learned that I find putting Legos together a most enjoyable pastime. It was a bit of a twilight zone moment for me. Jeremy’s logic is that in a few years when the Lego theme gets old, he can give the Legos to Owen. What a legacy we have started.

Sunday was the Super Bowl. Being from Washington state meant that there was a lot hype about the big game. Our Seahawks were playing in the Super Bowl and the whole state was in an uproar. 12th man flags were everywhere. Everyone was wearing navy and neon green. Signs on local businesses read “Go Hawks”. I told Jeremy no matter what happened WA would need to take Monday off. If the Seahawks lost there was going to be some major recovery necessary and if they won then the whole state would need to a declare it a holiday. I am not into football. I still really don’t understand it. However, I will admit that it’s hard not to get excited when your local team ends up at the Super Bowl. Plus, with everyone being so jazzed, it’s hard for that not to bleed over. Our little family joined my parent’s life group to watch the game at my parent’s house. My dad smoked enough meat to feed 60 people and we all enjoyed yummy pulled-pork sandwiches for dinner. Owen wore his one Seahawk’s outfit to church on Sunday morning. However, he managed to spit up all over that and he got me really as well. I had spit up all down one pant leg and my boot. I noticed that my leg didn’t feel like it was drying and that was because there was also spit up IN my boot. I eventually felt the need to go home and change. I was too moist for comfort. Once I got home, I rewashed the Seahawks onesie and it was ready for Owen to re-wear it by game time. Talk about dedication. For the most part, everyone really enjoyed watching the game and chatting. Owen fought nap time pretty hard but eventually ended up taking a nap on my parent’s bed (no, he can’t roll over yet, so he was safe). The highlight of game for me was the Budweiser puppy commercial. I know, I know. It was  my favorite commercial and pretty much the rest of America’s. Yay for being one of the masses. Oh well. It was a good day and there was much celebration over the Seahawks win. I couldn’t help but feel a little sorry for the Broncos. They looked so sad. I know someone has to lose in order for someone to win, but still, I felt for them. My heart was probably all soft and tender after that puppy commercial.

Anyway, things are certainly exciting these days. Owen will be 4 months on Saturday and I plan on writing a 4 month update here soon with all the happenings with our little guy. I will also post some photos of Jeremy’s new office, complete with our Lego creations. Plus, I hope to soon give an update on some recent reads. Can’t wait to share! Good times!

The results of Friday's Lego shopping!

The results of Friday’s Lego shopping!

The first Lego creation I've ever built

The first Lego creation I’ve ever built

Owen and Grandpa are ready for the big game

Owen and Grandpa are ready for the big game


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