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Moving Offices January 29, 2014

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Monday night our little family camped out at the church for the evening. I brought the boppy and Owen’s bouncer. All the comforts of home. We set about making an office switch. The thermostat in our back offices is a bit odd. Jeremy’s office runs about 78-80 degrees most of the time. Since my hubby can sweat in the arctic and it seems that Owen has inherited that trait, it’s just too warm for them. The solution was switching to a cooler office. The great thing about moves is that they force you to examine your stuff. My hubby has been in that space for a long time and had accumulated a lot. I was impressed with how much he paired down and he still has plans to get rid of more. The big challenge of the office was move was swapping two full offices. We would empty one shelf from one office and move it the same shelf in the other office. There was a lot of back and forth. We wanted to make sure when moved the other office, we didn’t mess up anything for the staff members that use that office. We tried to make things as identical as possible and as workable for them. We prioritized them and left our new space a bit of a mess. When you’re working with a baby in tow, we knew we couldn’t complete both offices in one night. After 4 hours of switching, we had to take Owen home and put him to bed. He was a great baby throughout the night. We moved him all around, trying to keep the view exciting and interesting. He also took a couple of good naps. Jeremy and I were really proud of him. I will admit that there was a sad moment when we shut the door on what is now “Jeremy’s old office”. He had been in that office longer than we’ve been married. I remember when he moved in there. A lot of moments have happened in that office. Working alongside Jeremy has been such a blessing. I know that we will make new memories in our new space, but I can’t help but feel a little nostalgic about our old one. It will always hold a special place in my heart.

Hanging out with Mom & Dad at work!

Hanging out with Mom & Dad at work!

The middle of the move

The middle of the move


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