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28 is Great! January 17, 2014

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This Tuesday was my 28th birthday. I am very much like a little kid and I still look forward to my birthday. Especially years like this – 28! My love of even numbers make even numbered years a highlight. Sadly, this is my last even numbered year in my twenties. That is too weird. I’m still trying to decide if I’m okay with being another step closer to 30. Part of me is excited to turn 30 because it is a big milestone and I plan to party hard when I do. However, a decade is soon coming to a close and that kind of makes me sad. Just a smidge. But that is still down the road, so I push those thoughts aside.

My card from Owen! He does have more than three fingers!

My card from Owen! He does have more than three fingers!

This birthday was a great day. I got up early on Tuesday morning to discover tulips on the counter and two cards. Apparently, I get cards now from both Jeremy and Owen. When Jeremy got up, I opened the cards and both held great surprises. In Jeremy’s card was information about an upcoming trip to Canada! Recently, Jeremy and I got our enhanced driver’s licenses and now we can put them to good use! Jeremy had all the details hammered out. He even had a dog sitter for the weekend. I’m so excited!!! When I opened Owen’s card, I was surprised to see Owen’s handprint in paint inside the card. Jeremy had been super sneaky about it. I almost caught them “signing” the card before bath time, but a call from our friend gave Jeremy a long enough distraction. Later that night I commented on the redness of Owen’s fingernails and Jeremy made up some story about have a marker explode and the ink getting on Owen.

My morning with Owen was quiet and I met up with my mom and sister for lunch. Owen has a nut for the beginning of our time together, but lucky for me the restaurant wasn’t too full and the sound didn’t seem to bother anyone. I’m not really sure though… I wasn’t making eye-contact with anyone else. Eventually my mom bounced Owen to sleep and my sister and I split a yummy piece of coconut cream pie to finish off the meal. I came home from lunch to discover my hubby was home. Sadly, he had a migraine, so we spent a very quiet afternoon at home. Let me tell you, it can be difficult getting a 3 month old baby to be quiet. They don’t understand a migraine. Even though Jeremy wasn’t feeling like himself, it was still nice to see him and have him around.

28 Candles

28 Candles

Later that night my parents and sister and brother-in-law came over for dinner. My meal of choice was from our local Mexican restaurant. The only downside is they don’t have enough seating for all of us and Owen, so my family picked up the food to go and we ate at our house. The funny thing is my dad ordered a big bag of chips which filled a grocery sack. It was impressive. We also got a large tub of their salsa which Jeremy has been happily munching on all week. After dinner we played a game called Bang that my sister and brother-in-law introduced us to. It was fun to play with my parents. The game is a Western card game and let’s just say things got wild. Jeremy and my dad won. They were the Sheriff and the deputy. I almost got them…. Next time!!!

After game time was cake and cards. My traditional cake is a yummy chocolate cake from Safeway and it did not disappoint. 28 candles sure does create a lot of smoke! Overall it was a great day filled with amazing food and family time. This birthday was a lot more fun for me than last year. I was so bummed last year. Life wasn’t turning out like I had hoped. 26 was a rough year and I wasn’t looking forward to 27. However, things have turned around in a lot of ways. It was fun to celebrate this birthday with Owen around. Even though he can be a fussy nut at inopportune times, he does bring a lot of joy to my life and I think his little life really made the difference for me this year. I have a feeling that 28 is going to be great.


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