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Hard to Believe January 13, 2014

Filed under: Parenthood — Amy Scott @ 10:28 pm

IMG_4166I reread my blog posts from time to time. It’s like reliving snapshots of my life. I enjoy looking back. I often do the same thing with my photos on Facebook. I find myself looking them over and getting great entertainment out of them all over again. Lately, I’ve noticed a certain phrase popping up a lot in my posts – “It’s hard to believe…”  It feels like a lot has happened in such a short period of time. Each milestone seems to fly by. Owen is growing and changing daily and it’s hard to believe. It’s a lot to take in all at once. Which leads to my next point, I have stolen a word for 2014. A lot of people pick a word to focus on for the whole year. Many people I love and admire do it and it’s become kind of trendy. I said I wasn’t going to pick a word because I didn’t want to do something that everyone else is doing. I am rebel. But a word hit me today as I reading a Sarah Bessey blog. She mentioned she did “moments” a few years ago and I knew the second I saw it that was the word for me. Moments. My life is moving quickly. I find myself lost in the big picture, often looking ahead. But what about the moments? What about when Owen looks up at me and smiles or falls asleep in my arms? I am judging my days on how well Owen behaves. It’s a good day if there is no fuss and it’s a bad day if there is drama. However, each second of every day isn’t drama. Why I am letting a small portion of my moments over power the whole day. I have decided to give different moments different value. Some moments will be worth their weight in gold, those times you wish the clock would stop and stand still because it is so good. Then there will be moments that I chose to let go of. I won’t let these negative moments ruin all the rest.

As I get back to a busy schedule, I’m learning that it’s important to slow down when possible. I’m trying not to over do it and over fill my life (even with the addition of a kid, it’s easy to fall back into old patterns). I don’t want to live in a stressed, hectic pace. I want time to enjoy the moments and revel in them. Times like this while Owen is small will be over much quickly than I care to realize. Somethings are just too important to not fully enter into. So I choose to take those moments, those small little fractions of time and make them last. I choose to make them worth something. It’s hard to believe that something so precious is happening on such ordinary days.  It’s just so hard to believe…


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