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Big Changes January 2, 2014

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The last week has held some big changes in the Scott household. These changes remind me that time is flying by and that nothing stays the same for long. After two and a half months, our little roommate moved out and into his own room. It was truly strange to pack up all his items from our room and move them a new location. I would love to say that Owen is sleeping his crib, but he isn’t. We decided to move his Pack’n’Play (which has been his bed since birth) into his room. Remarkably, it worked and he has been sleeping through the night just fine in his room. It’s hard to believe it but most nights Owen sleeps between 9-11 hours. I am now adapting to having my own room again. The space is truly amazing but it also feels strange. My new sleeping pattern now involves the light of the baby monitor and listening for Owen sounds through a speaker. It truly amazes me how quickly this phase of sleeping with us went. When we first brought Owen home and we were on the crazy newborn sleep schedule, I never thought I would know a night of sleep again. Things are so different now. The lack of sleep didn’t last as long as I thought it would. I’m extremely grateful! Praise the Lord for a good sleeper!

Another change in our house is the location of Owen’s bath time. Owen has gotten big enough now that he makes a big wet mess during bath time. This kid loves to kick in the tub. We might have a little swimmer in the making. Because of the waves he creates, the sink was no longer an ideal location for bath time. Owen was making big puddles all over our counters and floors. Now Owen’s tub can be found in our big tub. Again, it’s crazy that he is already so big! All these milestones make me realize how fast this time goes by. It’s a blink. I’m trying to enjoy each phase while he is in it. Nothing stays the same for long.

The biggest milestone for me is that I went back to work this morning. I’m in the office for two mornings a week. I know this really isn’t a big deal, but it sure felt like one this morning. My mom is generously giving of her time to watch Owen while I am at work. She is amazing and this is a huge blessing for us. It felt good to be back in my workspace. I enjoyed having adult conversation with Jeremy. Most (okay, all) of our together time at home is around Owen, so it was a good kind of weird to just be us again. I love working with my husband. It’s one of the biggest blessings of my life. The hardest part of being home during maternity leave was the fact that I wasn’t with Jeremy. So much of our lives have been spent together. It was strange to send him to work and for me to stay home. Now I can go to work with him a couple times a week.  I’m feeling that this will be a good transition for us.

These are just a few of the changes happening in our home. I’m sure there many more to come as Owen grows and our family continues to learn this new way of life. I am amazed at how good has been to us. As time flies by, I can see the fingerprints of my Savior all over this season of my life. He has been such a source of strength has I learn and grow right alongside Owen!

Our room has space again!

Our room has space again!

Moving to the bathroom!

Moving to the bathroom!

Back in the office! Jeremy was doing purchase reports! Fun stuff!

Back in the office! Jeremy was doing purchase reports! Fun stuff!


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