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Merry Christmas! Round 4 December 31, 2013

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The General Christmas Chaos!

The General Christmas Chaos!

Oh yes! Another Christmas blog! This last Sunday we gathered at Jeremy’s parent’s house for Christmas with the Scotts. This was the first time that all of our families have been together since the babies have arrived! We had 4 adult couples, a 3 year old, a 1 year old and 3 infants under 3 months old! And 1 big golden doodle! That is a full house! Christmas started off with stockings. Santa delivered them earlier and Nana & Papa held on to them for the rest of us. My mother-in-law got creative this year and hid all of the adults stockings around the house and gave us clues to find them. My stocking was located where Debbie stores her pots and pans. Jeremy’s stocking was found where Debbie stores her linens. The humorous part is that his parents move stuff around their house often so Jeremy had no clue where their linens were stored. I’m pretty sure he was the last one to find his stocking!

After stockings, we enjoyed a brunch breakfast together. I don’t think we were all at the table at the same time, but that is probably going to be the norm now with so many nursing babies. Oh well. It was very tasty and we all got to eat at some point. Presents were next on the list. It’s so much fun watching the kids open their gifts. It was a bit chaotic at times and we constantly had to ask “who’s next?”, but that is what Christmas morning gift opening is all about – flying wrapping paper and excitement.

The Next Generation of Scotts!

The Next Generation of Scotts!

Lord of the Rings Risk kept the boys occupied for a big part of the afternoon. The girls chatted and fed babies. Many diapers were changed and the afternoon meal was prepared. Carson and Brinley played with their new toys. It was a low-key afternoon with the football game on in the background. Owen wore his Seahawks onesie to represent for the team. Jeremy’s aunt stopped by to see the newest Scott and we asked her to get a family photo. Let me tell you, that was quite the task! Carson decided he didn’t want to do a photo and eventually Owen got warm and started to meltdown. I don’t think we got a single photo of everyone looking at the camera at the same time. I have a feeling this will be the way of family photos for the next decade. It’s real life and now we have it captured in megapixels.

We did get one all-family game in. The highlight for me was Carson snuggling on my lap for the beginning of it. Earlier in the day he was very vocal about wanting to have quiet time in Nana & Papa’s bed with Aunt Amy. Oh my! Snuggling in the recliner watching African Cats was a little more up my alley! Once the game was over it was time for another round of family photos. Trying to get pictures of the grandkids together and the grandparents with the grandkids and the boys with their boys. There were lots of camera flashes!

It was a great day to spend with our newly expanded family. Adding three babies to the mix is a lot of fun and I can’t wait to see how the chaos grows as the kids grow. These are wonderful times and memories being made. It’s so exciting to be in this phase of life with our family. Merry Christmas!


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