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Christmas Vacation December 21, 2013

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Cabelas is fascinating!

Cabelas is fascinating!

Jeremy likes to save some vacation days for the end of the year. This creates a “Christmas Vacation” for us, just like we’re kids again! There is nothing better than time off this time of year. There is always lots to do including being a little lazy! So far we’ve managed to accomplish a lot this week. Tuesday was the first official day of vacation and we spent it around the house working on projects and just hanging out.

Wednesday was a very special day. Our newest nephew, Keegan, was born Wednesday morning. Since we didn’t know boy or girl until the day of his birth, this meant me needed to go shopping for gender specific gifts! We took off into the stores which weren’t too crazy with holiday shoppers. Wednesday was spent doing a mixture of errands. Some for home and some for church. Owen had his first visit to Cabelas – the hunting super store. Jeremy was happy to see Owen staring in fascination at all the animals. It was really cute to watch him making eyes at all the creatures. The joy ended when Owen had a blow out diaper in Jeremy’s arms. We made a quick exit and did an outfit change in the car. Another diaper blow out later and Owen ended up spending the last part of the day in just a shirt and a diaper since all his other clothes were dirty. Don’t worry, we had plenty of blankets so his legs weren’t cold.

Meeting Keegan

Meeting Keegan

Thursday, we took off over the mountains to meet the newest Scott. It was so much fun to snuggle with Keegan. He is adorable and really cuddly! After visiting the hospital, we spent time with Keegan’s brother and sister and Nana and Papa. I am now the proud auntie of three nephews and one niece. I’m a lucky lady. I will admit that I am slightly excited that Keegan was a little boy so now the three cousins that were born in three months are all boys. I can only imagine the good times they are going to have in the future. Three little boys all born so close in age. I’m sad that the baby a month streak is over. It’s been a lot of fun welcoming a new Scott each month. Who knows, maybe the perfect storm will happen again and all three Scott ladies will be expecting at the same time. I doubt it, but I never thought it would happen in the first place!

Best Frozen Pizza Ever!

Best Frozen Pizza Ever!

Friday we saw some snow in the morning! Nothing but a trace. It’s still exciting anytime the ground turns even slightly white. After the weather warmed up we finished the rest of our errands for church. This time the stores were crazy! Jeremy and I braved the madness as quickly as possible. When we got home we had a great treat at our door. Earlier in the week we ordered pizza from our favorite place in Chicago. We’d been talking about it for years and we finally decided to do it! It was a very tasty and I’m glad we made the splurge. If only we were actually eating it in Chicago!

The mess!

The mess!

Today has been an around the house day. Jeremy usually makes cinnamon rolls when we’re on Christmas vacation and today was the day that he deemed to take over the kitchen. Jeremy and I have two very different styles of baking. I’m a clean as you go girl. I like to tidy my mess up as I make it. Jeremy on the other hand… He likes to make a mess and leave it until the very end. This made the kitchen quite the sight as he made many experiments. He made excellent cinnamon rolls as well as candied pecans and mini lemon meringue tarts (from lemons grown in his greenhouse).

As you can tell, we’ve been busy enjoying the holiday season together. I love having Jeremy home.  Having him around brightens my day. I know that Owen appreciates it too! As I type this, Owen is sleeping beside his dad, all snuggled and content. Christmas vacation is always a special treat! We are so blessed to have this time together.


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