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Merry Christmas! Round 1! December 16, 2013

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Grandpa and Farmer Owen

Grandpa and Farmer Owen

Yesterday, we had our 1st of 4 Christmas celebrations! Jeremy and I have always been blessed to have our family close by. This means we try to make it to all the family gatherings during the holidays. The result is a lot of Christmas celebrating! We kicked things of with my immediate family this weekend because April and Andrew will be in Kansas for Christmas. I really enjoy spreading the Christmas cheer out over the month of December, so I have no problem celebrating any day. To me Christmas is spending time with loved ones, eating good food, sharing gifts and being grateful and thankful for our Savior. This can happen day! Not just December 25th.

There was a lot of deliberation on what Owen should wear. Since all his Christmas clothes are pajamas, we wanted to find an outfit that said Christmas, but wasn’t pajamas. I’ve been trying hard to make sure that his wardrobe gets used and that I don’t just cycle through the same easy pajamas over and over again. We decided on a red plaid shirt and denim overalls. Jeremy called him Farmer Owen. He is a cute little farmer!

Jeremy ready to document the Christmas magic!

Jeremy ready to document the Christmas magic!

We got to my parent’s house and did our gift exchange. Owen was exhausted from a full morning of church and no real good naps, so he passed out in the swing. He sadly missed the opening of his first Christmas presents. Oh well. At 2 months, I didn’t expect him to get too excited about Christmas. Jeremy and I on the other hand are very excited for Owen’s first Christmas. This holiday season we are able to document each moment with our new camcorder which was a special surprise gift we received this last week.  Jeremy stepped into the Dad role well and had the camcorder in hand ready to make the memories last forever. However, Jeremy opened the gifts for Owen so I took the camcorder and my own camera in hand for the big moment. Yes, indeed, I felt super “mom” like! Camera in one hand, camcorder in the other.

Owen is super impressed with Christmas

Owen is super impressed with Christmas

We had pizza for dinner which I know isn’t very traditional when it comes to Christmas dinner, but the Vitzthum family is a big supporter of the pizza industry. We love it and could eat it all the time. This pizza was special because it was cooked in my Dad’s new Traeger grill. It was a great experiment. The pizza took on a smokey color but the flavor wasn’t changed by the smoke. It was very tasty and I can’t wait to taste the other good things that come out of Dad’s new toy!

In a surprising turn of events, we concluded the night with a game of Apples to Apples. My parent’s aren’t really game people and April and I never grew up playing family games. Jeremy’s family on the other hand are game fanatics. They love games. It’s not a Scott gathering without a game. It felt kind of Scott like to conclude the evening with a game, but it just goes to show that people can grow. I don’t think my parent’s love game time but they did well. I won the first round of Apples to Apples and my mom won the second! Go Mom! The fun thing is I have a freakish connection to my sister so she kept picking my cards! She was the key to my success!

The first of many Christmas celebrations went well. I don’t think Owen was moved by the experience, but that’s okay. Next year I’m looking forward him being all into wrapping paper and bows. Fun times! We still have many family gatherings still to come. There is always a time spent with Jeremy’s immediate family, Jeremy’s extended family and my extended family. We sure know how to make the Christmas season stretch!


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