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Over the Mountains We Go November 25, 2013

Filed under: Family Time — Amy Scott @ 6:49 pm
Family Fun!

Family Fun!

This last Saturday, we loaded up the car early in the morning for our longest travels with Owen to date. We decided while the passes were good, we would travel over the mountains to see Jeremy’s brother’s family. It was a great day! I love watching my niece and nephew interact with their new cousin. Owen did amazing and I was really glad we made the trek over. It was fun to talk with them about the upcoming arrival of the next Scott grandkid. It seems like just yesterday I found out that all of the Scott households were expecting. Now Baby Nolan is here and in just a few weeks the next Scott will arrive. Being pregnant with my sister-in-laws was a very unique period of time and one I enjoyed. I remember at our joint baby shower in September, one sister-in-law mentioned that this was the last time we would all be together and be pregnant before the babies came. It seemed so far off that all our little bundles would be here and now two out of three have arrived. I love being an aunt and the joy just keeps multiplying. I also love that Owen has cousins. My niece and nephews warm my heart and I am so excited to learn soon if I’ll have another niece or nephew. Each one is so sweet and has their own personality. I’m looking forward to watching them grow up alongside my own son. I will admit that I’m slightly jealous of Owen. I never had a cousin that was my age. Well, I do, but he lives in the Midwest so I never had a relationship with him. That will not be the case for Owen. I am glad that he will have cousins close in age and close enough to visit. Even though the three hour drive can be a long one, seeing family and building those relationships is totally worth it. It’s so amazing to think the next time I see that branch of the Scott family tree they will be a family of five. These are seriously fun times. I knew being pregnant with these ladies was a special treat, but honestly the best is yet to come. Raising our families together is going to be such a joy! Yay for the baby boom and little ones arriving on the scene!


2 Responses to “Over the Mountains We Go”

  1. It was so great having you guys over! So thankful you made the trip. I love seeing the kids together! And it will only get better!

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