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Done with Doctors! November 22, 2013

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I hate all things medical!!! I mean hate! I strongly dislike every time I walk into a medical office. In my mind these are places of torture. I have nothing against medical professionals, I just wish I didn’t have to see them – ever. As you can imagine this last year as been a fun one for me. Being pregnant meant regular doctors visits and blood work. I always look away like my arm is being amputated when I have to do blood work. It totally grosses me out. Many appointments and blood pressure issues led me to the whole giving birth hospital stay. If I thought giving blood was gross… well, let’s just say, I looked away a lot while in the hospital. No dignity. Everyone in your business. Somethings you just have to grin and bear. Once Owen arrived on the scene, we had multiple doctor’s appointment for him because of his issue with jaundice. During that season, I also got a UTI and had to go to the doctor for myself. Fast forward a few weeks, I just had my 6 week postpartum appointment. My regular prescription for my acid reflux is up and I have to go back to the doctor to get a refill and oh goodie, because it’s been so long since they’ve seen me they want blood work. Blood work is becoming the bane of my existence. And yes, we have Owen’s two month appointment in about a week. The Scott’s have been very medically exciting these days. I’m pretty sure our insurance company now assumes all incoming claims belong to us. They probably get the paperwork and groan “Again! What’s wrong with these people.” Yup, they know us by name, I’m sure. Oh well. 2013 has been a big year for us. I’m fairly positive will meet our deductible for the first time ever. I guess when we do something we go all out. Here’s hoping that Owen’s next appointment is the last doctor’s visit for this calendar year because I am done with doctor’s appointments and anything medical! Blah!!!

Side note: Jeremy is as healthy as a horse (I don’t get this expression). At least one member of our family isn’t a drain on our HSA. I’m slightly jealous. Arg.


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