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The New Normal November 16, 2013

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Last week I told Jeremy that I was no longer interesting. All I do is feed the baby, change dirty diapers, clean the house and read books. When I’m home for days on end, this is what my life looks like. It has a certain flow to it, but it’s not too interesting to talk about when the hubby comes home from work and we have the “how was your day” conversation. However, not all days look exactly the same. I’m coming off of three very busy, active days. I’m learning that while it can be more complicated being out and about with Owen, I would rather try to do stuff with Jeremy than be home alone. This means that Owen and I attended an annual children’s leadership conference this weekend. Originally, I had said I would pass on going this year. It seemed like too much with a 5 week old baby… but then the days of being home alone kicked in and I decided to take on the adventure because I would be doing it alongside Jeremy and being together is much more fun – even if that means I’m feeding Owen in the Red Robin parking lot! I’m getting better about feeding Owen in the car. At first it seemed awkward and now it’s just a fact of life.

As life finds it’s new flow and it’s new normal, there are still a small amount firsts going on. This week was the first time I used the baby carrier around the house. Owen was fussy so I decided to try to a new tactic and went for the carrier. It was great because Owen eventually fell asleep in it. I was able to do an hour of house cleaning and calm Owen at the time. A definite win! On Thursday before our conference started, Jeremy on a whim decided to try California Pizza Kitchen for the first time. Of course, Owen was going on 2 hours since his last meal, so I felt like we had a ticking time bomb, but regardless, we went in and sat down. This would qualify as our first time at sit down restaurant since Owen was born. Maybe it’s because we’re so tired, but Jeremy was almost giddy in the restaurant. It was a big milestone moment. On Friday morning, I pumped and got some bottles ready for Owen. I figured we had a full day in public and it might be nice to not have to do all the feedings in a private location. Jeremy as able to feed Owen a bottle and I felt the call of freedom! We’d been waiting to make sure that breastfeeding was well established before giving Owen a bottle and he seemed to like it well enough. The joke is now I can go see Catching Fire in the theaters and leave Owen at home! Today was another a milestone day as we met the newest member of the Scott family. That’s right – Owen is no longer the youngest grandkiddo in Scott household. He now has a younger cousin, Nolan. Our little family went down to meet the latest addition. Nolan is adorable and I am one excited auntie! Being an aunt is even more fun now that I’m a mom. I loved seeing Jeremy and his brother both holding their sons. I’m looking forward to all the family memories that will be made as these little cousins grow up together.

Even though there are a lot of days that look the same, it’s all still one great adventure. I’m slowly getting more comfortable with being out and about. It’s a lot easier with Jeremy at my side. I really love parenting with him. These days as a little family are a treasure to me. Owen is doing great. He is growing! He last weighed in at 10lbs 7oz. He is also a lot more expressive now and we are loving all the faces he makes at us. For the most part he is a happy boy. I’m learning that I don’t have to be afraid of public outings or longer days, he handles them well. Things are finally starting to feel more normal and I am grateful!

Multi-tasking wtih the kiddo!

Multi-tasking wtih the kiddo!

More firsts!

More firsts!




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