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3 Week Update October 29, 2013

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There have been so many moments that I’ve wanted to blog about, but mostly they are small things that wouldn’t take up a full blog post. I decided to go with a few snapshots of my life and give you a small Owen update! He is now 3 weeks old. We’re still mastering the nighttime sleep schedule. We’ve had a few rough nights and I’m learning to how sleep in again. If Owen is asleep in the mornings, you can bet that I’m in bed trying to sleep as well. Sometimes I succeed at going back to sleep and sometimes I just lay down and enjoy the rest. (Side note: I feel kind of guilty about this time since my hubby has to get up go to work and he is running on just as much sleep as I am.)

Before the weather changes, I’ve gotten a few walks in. Yesterday Toby, Owen and I went for a walk in the October sunshine and today my mom joined us another walk. Part of me wishes I would have gotten outside sooner than this week since the rain is now coming in. I’ll have to take advantages of clear days as the come because I’ve really loved getting out of the house and getting some fresh air. Toby really enjoys getting out too. I know it means a lot him.

In more random news, Owen has had two more baths in the big tub and he has liked them a lot more than his first one. It’s been fun to see that change. I’m learning a lot about eating while you can – if the kid is sleeping it’s a lot easier! I’ve had a few mishaps with food… I tired to make soup for lunch yesterday because it was in a hand-held container that I thought would work well for feeding Owen and feeding myself at the same time. The soup container totally spilled over in the microwave and made a huge mess. Because Owen was expressing his need to eat quite loudly, I just left the mess in the microwave and ended up eating my own lunch at 2:00pm. A little later than I planned. At times like that, I miss having Jeremy around because he brings me stuff while I’m grounded. Another “mom” moment would be that I now wander around the house with a baby monitor on my hip. I am that person! It makes me feel so mom-like. There is something about being attached to a monitor that makes parenthood seem real. No clue why that stands out to me, but it does.

Today we did tummy time for the first time. Owen did great. He was very good at baby push-ups. Of course, he is my kid so I assume that everything he does is amazing, but he seems pretty strong to me! We also played with a rattle and had him track the toy and noise. It was cool to see his eyes following along.  Then he would stop and focus in on me or my mom. It was neat.

He is definitely growing. I can tell he is gaining weight, but mainly he just keeps getting  longer! He is a long, lanky baby. It’s hard to believe that he has changed so much in three weeks, We went from having the world’s quietest kid to now having a vocal baby. He isn’t a super fussy baby and he now has longer periods of time were his eyes are open and he is alert. It’s precious to watch his eyes track Jeremy and I. He listens for our voices. He still seems unphased by all household noises including Toby’s barking which I am grateful for!

Hard to believe that’s it’s already been 3 weeks with Owen in our lives. Everyday is an adventure and I look forward to all the milestones and mommy moments that are still to come.

Great day for a walk!

Great day for a walk!

Playing with his rattle!

Playing with his rattle!

Another "new" normal

Another “new” normal

The Soupy Mess

The Soupy Mess


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