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Mom & Dad to the Rescue October 23, 2013

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5 Meat Stuffed Pizza and Ben & Jerry's on a hard day! Yes, please!!!

5 Meat Stuffed Pizza and Ben & Jerry’s on a hard day! Yes, please!!!

Now the title of this blog says “Mom & Dad”, but I don’t mean Jeremy and I. Yesterday was one of those days… After a crazy night of sleep (or lack thereof), we loaded Owen into the car and headed to my Dad’s office so he could show his grandson off to all the office ladies and Steve (the one guy who came to see him). The visit started off great. Lots of baby adoration. However, Owen got warm and needed a new diaper so we headed to Grandpa’s office for a more private location. In Grandpa’s office, Owen proceeded to go through through 3 diapers (2 good poopy ones back to back) and he peed on Grandpa’s desk. All this time, he was crying and Steve was on a call down the hall. It wasn’t really too bad. Everyone laughed about it and by the time Steve made it into the office to check on things, Owen was happy again so Steve was able to snap a photo and send it to his wife. All was good… except for the fact that I only had 1 diaper left in our bag! Oops!

After our short stop at the office, we went to Owen’s two week appointment and circumcision. Being a girl, I kind of knew it was going to be a rough visit, but I didn’t really know what to expect 100%. Owen was getting fussy because he was starting to get hungry but alas the poor kid couldn’t eat until the appointment was over. Jeremy and I were asked if we wanted to stay in the room. We both opted yes. Jeremy actually fed Owen sugar water and watched the whole procedure. I sat in a chair and looked the other way. The hardest part for me was watching him being strapped down for the whole ordeal. It looked so mean. At that point, I looked away and didn’t look back. Owen crying at the doctor’s office is something I’m used to after the heel pokes, but I think because I knew this was a different kind of experience for him, it really drained me. Once it was over and he was dressed, I tried to feed him. He was super hungry and at first I thought all was going to be calm. Once the numbing medication started to wear off, he started screaming for a few seconds and then eating for a few seconds. He would rotate between being on a mission for food and just plain unhappy. At one point, he became seriously inconsolable. I felt terrible.

Before the "appointment", Owen is wearing socks on his hands because we forgot his mittens at home!

Before the “appointment”, Owen is wearing socks on his hands because we forgot his mittens at home!

We eventually got him into the car seat and Jeremy started to swing it back and forth. He loves this motion and he calmed down. Once we got into the car, he fell into a hard sleep. It’s not wonder after all the drama and trauma that had just happened to him. I didn’t even watch the procedure, but I found myself praying that I only have one son, because I’m not sure I can go through that again. It was harder than I thought it would be. The lack of sleep might play into my overly drained and emotional state, but I was seriously spent.

I had sent a text to my parents about how the appointment had gone and how it had made me feel. I got a call from my mom shortly after asking if she could bring us pizza and ice cream for dinner. I almost started crying right there. Normally I would say that we were fine and thanks for the offer, but in that moment, I really wanted something comforting and pizza and ice cream sounded right up my alley.  Later that night, I sent a text saying thank you for the meal and my Dad texted back saying we had earned it. Mommy and Daddy merit badges.

Luckily for me, days like this won’t happen again – unless we have another son… But at least for Owen it’s done and over. I’m grateful that the whole thing is behind us. Owen was a trooper and even though the office experience was hard, he as great the rest of the day. He seems to be doing just fine with no real side effects. Praise the Lord!  Jeremy worked from home yesterday afternoon just to be on the safe side. I know he did it for me. I thought for sure that Jeremy would leave and Owen would wake up in a terror, all mad and upset like at the office, but he didn’t. In fact, he actually had a decent night last night and I’m feeling a whole lot better about things today.

I do think the pizza and ice cream helped! Thank you, Mom & Dad, for saving the day! I appreciate you!!!

PS… I’ve been trying to think of blog topics that don’t revolve around Owen, but I can’t come up with any. At this point, he is my whole world. Everything is about him. I know it’s only a season, but please be patient. I will think about other things eventually. I think…


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