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Final Pre-Baby Post! October 4, 2013

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Well, this is it! The last post I will make as a family of two with a little dog. At our doctor’s appointment this morning, my blood pressure was high and I’m accepting this as standard. No big shock. Because of my blood pressure, my doctor would like to induce next week. Monday night, I will check into the hospital so they can give me drugs that will help my body get ready for labor. Early on Tuesday morning they will induce me. At this point that is the plan.

It’s weird having a plan… It’s odd knowing that this weekend is our final weekend before parenthood takes on a whole new meaning. It just feels strange. I knew our little guy had to come at some point and honestly, I wasn’t too hung up on the “when”. It’s just crazy to think that our lives are about to change. It’s like standing on the cliff about to jump… As ready as I am, I’m not sure I’m really ready for this, but it’s a little too late for that now! There is only forward. The whole bringing a little human into the world is mind boggling!

I now have a free weekend ahead of me. I’m still on bed rest, so I’m not going to travel the countryside or do anything too zany I’m hoping to get a lot of rest and just enjoy the down time while I can. As strange as it sounds, I’m looking forward to having some time with my Toby Dog and loving on him while he is my only “baby”. I want to rest as much as possible so I can be as ready as possible for the upcoming labor process. I know that you can’t “hoard” rest, but I want to make the most out these last few down days. As a result, I will put my blogging aside after this post.  I will, of course, post something once our little guy is here and make the grand announcement.

I look forward to writing in the future about this whole new aspect of my life. I love to be honest on my blog about the challenges and struggles I face as well as the good times and the people I get to share life with. I know that being a mom will add more color to my world and give me new experiences to blog about. I know it will effect my home life and my ministry. Things will never be the same. I look forward to walking this new journey out with you along for the ride. So please, stay tuned! Exciting times are ahead!


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  1. Yay! I can’t wait for the announcement! Rest up!

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