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Bed Rest October 2, 2013

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Hospital Trips & Bed Rest Entertainment

Hospital Trips & Bed Rest Entertainment

Seems like things are getting exciting as the end of this pregnancy draws near! The last couple of weeks, my blood pressure has been high.  A week ago on Wednesday, I had been seeing some flashing lights and had a headache, so I was given my first experience with a non-stress test. I didn’t know that was how it was going to go down at the time. Since it was after hours, I had to go to the hospital that is attached to our doctor’s office. I thought they would slip me into an exam room and just take my blood pressure, but no. I was hooked all to all the monitors and supervised for a while. My blood pressure was fine while I was in the hospital and I was eventually released. On Friday, at my regular doctor’s appointment, my blood pressure was still high so my doctor decided she wanted to see me back sooner than my next scheduled appointment. She said that if my blood pressure didn’t go down we would maybe talking about inducing. She’s hesitant to go that route because she really does want our little guy to come on his own.

Yesterday, we drove up to our appointment where again my blood pressure was high and after four readings they finally got a result they liked. At that point, I was told to be on modified bed rest. I can get up and do stuff around the house, but the main point is to be chill, relax and don’t stress (good luck with that). Our doctor also wanted another ultrasound to measure the baby. She said that I was measuring small, but because the baby has dropped so much it’s hard for her to get an accurate reading. The ultrasound appointment was made for today.

I will admit that I was bummed when they put me on bed rest. I was planning on teaching my class and volunteering at Bethel as long as I could. In fact, Tuesday before our appointment, I was getting stuff ready for my class and attending MOPS. I decided I was going to live my life as normal as possible until I was told otherwise.  And yesterday, I was told “otherwise”. Jeremy was very sweet and took me out to lunch after the bed rest news. It was my last meal “out” before the baby comes. I splurged at Red Robin and got a chocolate milkshake and a cheeseburger. Jeremy also stopped to pick up my all-time favorite Disney movie, The Little Mermaid, which was just released on Blu-Ray. He is taking good care of me.

Now on to today… The ultrasound went well. Baby is measuring just fine and is weighing in a guesstimated weight of 7lbs. 3oz. When I heard the weight, I definitely thought that inducing sooner rather than later doesn’t sound so bad. That’s a good weight! What should have been an in and out appointment today got derailed by more flashing lights and another headache. We asked if a nurse could take my blood pressure before we left the office and…. OF COURSE… it was high! The nurse had me lay down and she took the reading again and it was lower. However, my doctor sent me over to the hospital for another non-stress test and some blood work.  It’s the craziest thing, once I was over at the hospital, my blood pressure went down a LOT – like the lowest readings I’ve ever had in my life. No clue why, but I’m very good at the up and down readings. After waiting what felt like an eternity for the lap results, we were released. It seems my Wednesdays are now spent doing test at the hospital. Not a trend that I am enjoying.

I debated even writing this blog because I can be so private about medical stuff, but at the same time, word is eventually going to get around that I’m on bed rest and people will ask why and explanations will need to be given. So, I’ve reached a “who cares” kind of attitude. Plus, when my blog is all about the things bouncing around in my head, this is one of those things… Kind of a big thing. I’m curious if Friday’s appointment will add a new chapter to the drama or if I’ll just be sent back to bed. Who knows! I’ll keep you posted!


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