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Social September Comes to a Close September 30, 2013

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Sister Date

Sister Date

It’s hard to believe that September has flown by so quickly. It started off with a big BBQ at our church where my hubby got to hold snakes and get dunked in the dunk tank. I very much enjoyed watching him squirm and splash! Actually, he didn’t squirm too much when it came to the snakes. He is very good at playing it cool. I think I did most of the squirming from my seat where I watched him.  The month has been full of coffee dates, dinner dates, lunch dates, shopping adventures and family gatherings. Even though I started my maternity leave on the 12th, I’ve never been at a lack for things to do. So many people to see and places to go before my life gets a smidge more complicated.

Tonight was the perfect closing to Social September. My sister and I met up with some sisters from our church that we’ve been friends with for a very long time. There are a lot of similarities between us girls. Our age difference is almost the same. I can very much relate to Jessica being the older sibling and April can relate to Natalie being the younger sibling. We’ve connected on a sister level and it’s a special relationship. It’s been a long time since we had a “sister date” where the four of us got together, so tonight was the long awaited night. Let me tell you, these ladies have busy schedules and they were hard to pin down, but it was totally worth it. We met at a local coffee shop and sipped warm beverages while enjoying good conversation and catching up with one another. It was a great closing to a fun month.

Now I’m not really sure what October holds. I have a few ideas, but the timeline is really up in the air. October is birthday month for the Scotts so we’ll have three family birthdays, plus the arrival of our little guy. I’m sure October will be social just like September, but in a different way. This month I’ve been trying to see everyone before the baby comes. Next month, they’ll all want to see the baby instead of me! No matter what the occasion, I am blessed by the friends and family that I have in my life. I have loved each moment spent with them this month!


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