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Prepping & Waiting September 21, 2013

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I’m trying to not make all posts on here about the baby, but with only three weeks left until my due date, it’s one of the main things on my mind at the moment. It’s hard to believe that our little guy is full term and could come at anytime. I didn’t give the baby “arriving” a whole lot of thought until the last week or so. Now it seems so real. Any time. Crazy! Early or late?!?!?! It’s a giant mystery and I’m waiting on the edge of my seat to see what happens next. I’m really trying to just take each day as it comes and enjoy it for what it’s worth. As much I as I would love this little guy to meet the outside world, I’m making the most of each pre-baby day. It’s a season of my life that I will never get back. Time with friends and Jeremy one-on-one seems sweeter knowing that change is around the corner.

Installed Car Seat!

Installed Car Seat!

This last week, Jeremy and I both had baby related projects around the house. Since Jeremy is heading out of town for a few days this week, he wanted to make sure he had the car seat installed in case I needed to take a trip to the hospital while he was away. The actual installing of the car seat wasn’t too difficult, but the directions in the manual were confusing. At one point the book said the best spot for the baby was in the middle seat of the back seat, but every picture showed the car seat behind the passengers seat. We took a poll and did some research and found that which seat doesn’t matter too much. We started with the car seat in the middle, but it rocked a bit there, so we moved it behind the passengers seat where it seemed more secure. The next day I went to load a plate of cookies in the car and I realized just how inconvenient loading around a car seat can be. I was flustered and Jeremy just laughed at me. This will be our new normal, so might as well get used to it now. I’m rethinking how I load the car from here on out! It does seem strange driving around with a car seat in the back, but I think it’s preparing me in advance and I like being prepared. As prepared as I can be.

On the same night that Jeremy tackled the car seat, I started to pack the hospital bag. I’ve had everything for baby ready to go for a while, but I hadn’t started packing for myself yet. I had read that by 8 months you want your bag packed because you never know when you’re going to need to use it. The only problem is I have a limited wardrobe and some of the stuff they wanted me to pack I will need to use in the next month. I can’t just tuck it all away and forget about it. My compromise was packing everything that I could now. I packed a bag full of snacks (non-perishable), I packed movies and a deck of cards. I packed all the toiletry items I could as well. I had purchased travel sized shampoo and stuff like that the week before so I wouldn’t have lug my own stuff around. I now have a list posted on the closet wall with all the items that still need to be packed into the bag and where they can be located. I have a section in my closet of clothes are separate from the rest. These are the clothes I still plan on wearing for the next month, but if need be they can be thrown into the bag fairly easily.  Since I’ve never done this before it sure has been an interesting process trying to figure out what I’ll want and need. There are lists out there of what to pack and I followed them as closely as possible.

Forever Friends

Forever Friends

Our doctor’s appointments are usually on Fridays so we spent our morning yesterday up visiting our doctor. Things are looking good. It’s weird to go now on a weekly basis. Jeremy was a sweetheart and drove me up to Seattle to have a lunch date with my forever friend, Maggie, after our appointment. While I ate lunch and gabbed with Maggie, Jeremy did research on the possibility of buying a new camera. My current camera puts a line on our photos and I have no idea why. Anyway, we’ve been talking about upgrading and I guess now is the time. After my lunch date, Jeremy showed me what he had been looking at and we continued to compare and contrast. There are a lot of details we’re still debating on. No camera has been purchased as of yet, but it was just fun to spend the day together. It was very kind of Jeremy to drive me up north. Normally on these lunch dates I’m on my own for the drive up and down. It was nice to have him around to chat with. Especially since we’ll be a part for a few days this next week. With hunting season and this short trip, I’m making the most of any time I get to spend with just him in September.

Well, this update has gotten long! There is a lot going on in our lives and things are never dull. Even though time is flying by, I am enjoying the mix of activity and quiet that has become my new schedule. I know that an even “newer” schedule will soon emerge with the arrival of our little guy, but until then I am thankful and content with where things are at right now. God is in control and I’m learning that all my “what if” scenarios only make me mentally tired. Sometimes focusing on today is all I can do and that is good enough.


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