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Social September September 12, 2013

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I’m on a mission this month! The goal is to hang out with as many people as I possibly can. I’m calling it “Social September”. It’s hunting season right now so my hubby is often at work or out in the woods. This leaves me plenty of time to visit and catch up with others without ignoring him. Plus, this is the last month where I can make plans and only think of my family of two… Soon I will be thinking of my family of three. I know that life won’t stop once I have a baby. I know that lunch, coffee and dinner dates will still happen. But I figured it might not hurt to be good and social before the next season of my life begins.

I’m so blessed by the relationships that color my life. I have a great family on both my side and Jeremy’s side. I have wonderful friends and mentors who I can share my joys and struggles with. I also have a great group of young ladies that I’ve had the pleasure of investing in for the last few years. All these relationships have brought such depth to my life and I truly grateful for each on them.

I am just 30 days away from my due date. I have no clue, obviously, when our little one will come, but I’m taking each day one at a time and making the most of it. I am officially on maternity leave as of today, so my calendar has lightened a bit. This allows me to have the energy to be super social as well as it gives me extra time at home to prepare for baby, to read, to bake, to take a nap, etc. I’m doing things that I love with my time and it feels good.

I’m very excited for this next season of life and I am quite ready to meet our little man. I know that this new season will be special in it’s own way and I look forward to all the new discoveries life will bring. Until this new season officially starts, I’m doing my best to keep doing the things I love with the people I love. Social September is a lot of fun!


2 Responses to “Social September”

  1. Too bad its a three hour drive or we could have a coffee/non-coffee date :)

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