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Double the Fun! September 8, 2013

Filed under: Family Time,Parenthood — Amy Scott @ 2:24 pm

Picture1Yesterday, I had the honor of having a joint baby shower with my sister-in-law, Beckie. Our sister-in-law, Andrea, was a lovely hostess and planned a wonderful shower with double the fun. This shower was an assembly of family members from Jeremy’s side of the family. Now all of my people groups have been able to party and celebrate Baby Scott. I am very blessed!

Andrea had some traditional shower games planned for us. The first was a blind taste test of four different baby foods. I only got two of the four flavors correct. Oh well. I’m not a huge vegetable fan, so I didn’t expect myself to be a pro at identifying them in puree form. There was at least one fruit flavor in the bunch – pear – and I did get that one correct! Go me! The next game was “The Price is Right” with basic baby items. I did terrible at this game. The baby formula costs really threw off my grand total. I didn’t go over the correct total, but I was also nowhere near the right one. I must be out of touch with how much baby stuff really costs. However, both the baby food game and the pricing game were won by the most recent mother in the group. Go figure, she knew her stuff. I realize that I am about to get an education as I watch the dollar signs leave my bank account. The final game was called “My Water Broke” and every lady gets an ice cube with a plastic baby frozen inside. The first person to have the baby break free from the ice yells “my water broke” and wins the game. The same party guest who won the first two games also won this one, so we went for 2nd place to get the prize. Some people have all the luck. This was not my day, but I wasn’t allowed to win a prize, so maybe my heart wasn’t in it…

Andrea did a great job with the joint theme and set up a beautiful table to honor Beckie and I. She had individual mini-cakes that were adorable with our names on the them as well as a bucket of goodies for each of us. The fun for me was sharing this day with someone else. After two showers of my own, it was fun to have the third one be shared. It was also extra special to have all three expecting Scott ladies have some part in the shower. This is such a unique season as we plan on welcoming three new Scotts by the end of the year. As we were talking, we realized that that this might have been the last time all three of us were together in our pregnant states. It’s hard to believe that my due date is just 34 days away. Oh the anticipation! I am so grateful for the loving family that I married into. I’ve really enjoyed this season of sharing the journey with my sister-in-laws. They are both so special and I think might be just as excited for their new arrivals as I am for mine. Being an auntie is a great joy! These are good times in the Scott household!


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