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The Calm After the Storm September 6, 2013

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How a lazy Friday should look!

How a lazy Friday should look!

Yesterday was pretty crazy day. I had a very productive morning at work and then spent the afternoon busily shopping and running errands with my mom and sister. On the drive home from my afternoon adventures, it was hard not to notice that a storm was rolling in. We’ve had thunder and lightning off and on the last few days, but nothing like the storm we had last night. This storm probably produced the most lightning I’ve seen in my life. Some of the booms of thunder shook our house good and made me cringe. I’m not scared of storms like this, but the intensity of it could not be denied. We even lost power for a few hours in the evening! Our poor Toby dog did not enjoy the show as much as my weather obsessed hubby did. Toby spent most of the night hiding in his “safe spots” and he refused to be comforted.

My turn to snuggle with Toby!

My turn to snuggle with Toby!

Today, however, has been a different day. The rain started off steady, but that wasn’t surprising after the amount we’ve seen lately. At one point, we had over 3 inches of rain fall in 24 hours. Pretty impressive. Jeremy had a later start, but still decided to go out hunting this morning. Toby and I tidied around the house, did some laundry and settled in for a day of reading and resting. On days like this my hubby comes home for a mid-day hunting break. I always love seeing him during hunting season because each time he is here and not in the woods feels like a treat. The hubby, doggie and I settled in for a quiet afternoon. Jeremy played video games and caught up on TV shows. I read more and took a nap. Toby pretty much slept and played with his toys. There was a contentment in our house. It was really a lovely way to spend a lazy day off. Well, lazy for me. Jeremy did put in a bit of walking this morning in the woods and now he is back out and at it again. Since Jeremy is gone, Toby is once again my buddy (I’m not as interesting when Jeremy is home and the dog flocks to him). We’ve made some dinner, finished a good book and now he sits by my side as I blog.

I love quiet days like these. Especially after long weeks, crazy thunderstorms and right before full weekends. These days bring sanity to my life and give me the strength to keep moving forward. My little introvert gets filled up during these quiet times at home. I’ve done nothing too impressive, but that is okay. There is time for impressive things later on. Right now I’m just enjoying the calm after the storm.


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