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All in a Day’s Work September 1, 2013

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My hubby is a pretty adventurous guy. He’s laid back and usually is cool with about anything. I admire this trait in him a lot. Today at church we threw a big Labor Day Block Party for our community and Jeremy, of course, was very involved. He and our youth pastor, Josh, led “Minute to Win” games before our big animal shows. It’s always fun watching him play the role of game show host. During the animal show the pastors got called up a couple times for the fun job of being covered in snakes. Yes, Jeremy went down and very calmly had a python wrapped around him. At one point he had a handful of corn snakes. Now, I might be considered Pastor Amy, but I figured for the safety of my blood pressure and my unborn child, I would let others get in on that action!  In between animal shows, Jeremy was in the dunk tank as a fundraiser for the MOPS group that meets at our church.  He was a very popular pastor to dunk amongst the kids and the adults. His own father even got in on the action. Jeremy certainly did a lot things that aren’t normally in the job description today, but he did them with graciousness. I can’t say I would have held those snakes as calmly as he did. They kept giving him hand sanitizer every time he went down and handled a snake, but honestly, I think he needed it everywhere the snakes touched… Eww! He is a good pastor, a hard worker and I’m proud of him!

Job Hazards - Snakes

Job Hazards – Snakes

Job Hazards - Dunk Tanks

Job Hazards – Dunk Tanks


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