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42 Days and Counting August 31, 2013

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Today I’m officially at 34 weeks! 42 days and counting until my due date! It’s crazy how fast and slow time goes while you’re pregnant. It can seem like an endless process sometimes and then I’m hit with the reality how close I actually am to the finish line. I’m praying these next 6 weeks (or however many), will be a great time with friends and family. As we head into my favorite season, autumn, I’m already thinking of decorating the house and I’ve purchased yummy fall favorites to bake. With good company, good books and good food, I’m sure the time will fly by.

I haven’t posted a baby update specifically about our little guy in a while, so I thought I would give some new details. We had an ultrasound on Thursday to check up on the baby. I was measuring small so my doctor wanted to make sure that the baby was growing properly. Waiting two weeks for the ultrasound was hard. I kept thinking of all the worst case scenarios of why I was measuring small and what was wrong with our baby. It turns out that nothing is wrong with our boy. He is measuring just right! In fact, we was a day ahead in measurements and the technician mentioned he has a big head. There is no doubt that this is a Scott baby! However, my mom said that she has a big head and not to blame the Scott genes entirely. All I know is I have a small head, so he did not get this trait from me.  He is also in the right position with his head down and will probably stay that way from here on out. The technician also mentioned that the baby is a still a boy. I’ve heard plenty of stories along the lines of “They thought it was a ______, but right before the baby was born and  after the nursery was all decorated they found out they were having the opposite gender.” I’m happy to say that will not be our tale to share with others.

Family of Three!

Family of Three!

Many have asked about the name and yes, we do have one. This month, Jeremy and I took some time to flip through the baby name book together and do some research. It’s been an interesting process to decide on a name because I found out that I’m not the picky one! I had about 30 names that I like and Jeremy had 2! We decided on one name and had discussed how it could be gender neutral, but we knew no little girls with the same name, so we figured it would be okay. That same week, a friend posted on Facebook that her new niece had the same name we had chosen! This changed our minds about the name and we went on to the second name that Jeremy liked. (By the way, both names that Jeremy picked were on my long list of names, so it wasn’t a his names verses my names kind of a conversation.) Name number two has stuck so far and we’ve been using it a bit between the two of us to sound it out and get used to it. On our Leavenworth trip, we even had an ornament personalized with “the name” on it! That made it seem real. However, it’s a $7 ornament, so if the name does end up changing again, it won’t be the end of the world. At this point though, I don’t plan on things changing. So, what is the name??? You’ll just have to find out in October! Patience!

I have one more baby shower with my husband’s side of the family and a few small items to add to the nursery. I especially want to post a nursery blog, but I’m waiting for the completed project. Give me a few weeks and you’ll get the grand tour. Jeremy has been super motivated to get things in order before hunting season starts in September. It’s been a blessing to watch the nursery unfold and realize that a new member of our family is going to inhabit this space. My excitement level has definitely been building as things take shape.  These are fun times in the Scott household!


2 Responses to “42 Days and Counting”

  1. mrsandreascott Says:

    6 more weeks!!! I can’t wait to meet our nephew! Cute owl ornament too. I have a list of items for baby that we’ll need by Christmas, most needing personalized. Once the baby comes it will be a race to see if the items arrive in time!

    • Amy Scott Says:

      We didn’t plan on having the ornament personalized but they offered so we just went for it! Now I just have to order the name blocks for the nursery and I think that will be the last item we personalize. We don’t have our names on our stockings but I’m already thinking about the next stocking to add to the collection!

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