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Yodelayheehoo August 25, 2013

Filed under: Family Time,Travels — Amy Scott @ 9:02 pm

Picture1This weekend we spent some quality family time in Leavenworth, WA. This city has been themed around a Bavarian village and is full of quaint shops and restaurants. I’ve only been there for day trips, so it was fun to stay for a couple of days. The first day we were there, we explored around downtown and ate dinner out. Jeremy had a traditional German meal while I went for the Fish and Chips. Not a traditional Bavarian meal, but it was still pretty good. On Friday, the Scotts all went golfing, which is not my pastime of choice, so I got a few quiet hours to myself about the house. It was a perfect morning to get ready slowly and read. Two of my favorite things! After the golfers returned, it was back to downtown for another meal and a stop by one of my favorite places – The Gingerbread Factory. The gingerbread cookie was just as good as I remembered it and it really hit the spot! Yum, yum! I’m highly motivated by cookies. There is a Christmas shop that Jeremy and I love to explore every time we’re in town. This year we got an ornament with three owls on it. It seemed to go with the woodland animal theme we’ve been going with for Baby Scott. We also found some more Christmas home decor. I know a lot of people think that it’s too soon to purchase anything related to Christmas, but honestly, after the gingerbread cookie, it seemed right to go Christmas shopping.  On our last day in town, the group went mini-golfing, which is more up my alley than real golf. I’m terrible at mini-golf, but I can usually make the most of it. I got a couple holes in two and for me, that is the same as a hole in one.  Plus, I got to play with a pretty pink ball, so it was a win. After mini-golf, we went out to lunch and stopped by another favorite bakery. I hadn’t really been living up to the German eats, so I figured cherry strudel was the way to finish up the trip. The weekend was a great way to spend time with Jeremy’s grandma and aunt while they are visiting from South Dakota. It was also fun to do a trip with Jeremy’s immediate family. Apart from camping trips, we haven’t really vacationed together in a large group like this. There was lot of good food to eat and games to play and the noise level definitely reflects a growing family. These are good times in the Scott clan.  This trip was kind of the lasat “big” thing of the summer and now it really feels like fall is right around the corner. With the beginning of September just a week away, it was a great to have one last hurrah of summer!


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