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Family Fun: Reunion Luau Style August 21, 2013

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Waiting for the piggie to come out!

Waiting for the piggie to come out!

This last weekend, Jeremy’s parents opened their home to my mother-in-law’s extended family for a Reid Reunion. Big tents were put up in the backyard. Games like ping pong, horseshoes and the Xbox Kinect were pulled out to entertain. There was a lot of talking, a lot of playing and a lot of eating! It was fun to see Jeremy’s siblings since it’s been May since we were all together in the same place. Of course, there was a large Reid clan family photo in matching shirts. Then we got a Scott family photo and a photo all three expecting Scott ladies. Oh, the memories were documented well.

Saturday was the big day of the reunion and the meal centered around a pig that they had buried in the ground the day before. In Hawaii, I didn’t go over to watch the pig being unearthed because I wasn’t too keen on the crowds. This was a slightly smaller crowd so the viewing was better. We all marched over to Jeremy’s uncle’s house to watch them remove the piggie from his underground oven. It was really quite the sight. They had a chain on the pig, so he could be hoisted out by a tractor (yes, this is rural Lewis County). He was then transported via tractor to the table (one house over) where he was be released from his banana leaf prison and picked apart for the main meal of the day. It was an interesting process and fascinating to watch. 

Releasing the piggie!

Releasing the piggie!

At the tail end of the Reid Reunion, Jeremy’s grandma and aunt arrived from South Dakota, so now we’re hanging with the Scott side of the family tree this week. It’s been great to catch up with them. It’s so nice that we usually get a yearly visit from them. Again, there has been lots of good food and games. Today, Jeremy will take off and golf with the crew and this weekend we have more adventures planned. You’ll have to stayed tuned for an update on that.

Overall it’s been a fun weekend/week! It’s always a treat to have the whole family together and I love getting to spend with my niece and nephew (who seem to get bigger and cuter every time I see them). It’s not often that we get to see so many family members at one time, so it’s been a blessing to be with them.  The family gatherings, hanging outside and good food are a reminder to me that summer is still here. I’ve been so focused on fall and busy with work that I haven’t just “hung” out and enjoy the summer season all that much recently. I know that September is right around the corner, but I’m going to try to slow down and just enjoy things each day at a time! And right now, that means lots of family time!



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