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Summer Movie Marathon August 19, 2013

Filed under: Simply Me — Amy Scott @ 10:00 pm

IMG_2848This afternoon and evening, my lovely friend, Jessica, and I sat down to watch the first two Anne of Green Gables movies. Yes, there is a third, but I honestly don’t like it. Now that I’ve read the books, the third movie is WAY off base with the timeline of the books and let’s just say they made the movies with too big of a gap between them… The actors are so not in there in twenties even though they try to sell it as that. Anyway, enough about my dislike of the third movie. I love the Anne movies and it brings back so many memories of being a kid and watching them on VHS. I very rarely watch both together because it’s a 7+ hour venture, but today was special. Jessica requested watching them and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity for a girl’s day of movie watching. Add cheese pizza, garlic bread sticks and S’more brownies and you have a dynamic combo! The S’more brownies were a first for me. We had a ton of S’more supplies around the house and I decided that I couldn’t just make “regular” brownies. You make the brownies just like you normally you would  and then you add the marshmallows and graham cracker chunks after the fact and broil them for a minute. Once you pull the hot brownies out of the oven, you add pieces of chocolate bar on the top. The chocolate bar melts a bit, but it still keeps it shape to really show off the whole S’more effect. I’. thinking that maybe S’more cookies might be next on my list of things to try. Anyway, a movie day is always better with pizza and chocolate! Perfect girl day! Love it!


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