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Camping! Or something like it… August 10, 2013

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Jeremy is ready for the bugs!

Jeremy is ready for the bugs!

Usually this weekend is reserved for a conference at work, but our group decided not to go this year which left an open weekend in August. Jeremy and I had been pondering camping this summer and I will admit that I was unsure how fun being pregnant and camping would be – mostly the sleeping on an air mattress and getting up throughout the night to pee. Yes, I had my doubts. But when this weekend opened up, my hubby got really excited about the possibility that a camping expedition would now fit in our calendar! I couldn’t say no, mostly because I do love camping, so I was willing to give it a go.

We arrived at Takhlakh Lake and found a camping site fairly easily. We got out of the truck and noticed how peaceful and quiet it was… except for… the hum of flies. The second I was out of the vehicle, I was swarmed by all kinds of flies and winged creatures. Jeremy didn’t seem to mind. I think they were all interested in me, not him. We started setting up the campsite and as we went we noticed just how much the bugs loved us. Once we were all set up, Jeremy pulled out the bug spray and we attempted to ward off our unwanted visitors. I pulled out a magazine and tried to distract myself as Jeremy attempted to kill anything that flew with his electric bug paddle. Toby made himself at home on a towel and used a lumbar support pillow from our new camp chair to rest his head on – it was too funny! It was obvious that sitting around the camp site was going to mean a lot of swatting so we took off for a walk around the lake. I thought that maybe if I kept moving the flies would leave me alone. WRONG! Jeremy and I made jokes about how I was like “Pig Pen” from The Peanuts who had a cloud of dust and flies around him at all times.

Takhlakh Lake

Takhlakh Lake

The walk was beautiful (minus the many flies that indeed kept after me). I love the view of Mt. Adams and the lake. It’s really quite a sight. The thing that I love about the walk around the lake is it’s not too long, but I always feel accomplished once I’ve done it. I don’t often get to say that I walked around a lake, so it feels good. Once we had made our way back to the camp site, Jeremy decided we needed to take a drive to find more bug spray and more citronella candles. This excursion took a couple hours since nothing is close by, but it was a nice drive to enjoy the scenery and hang out with Jeremy.  We got back to the campground in time for dinner which is usually a highlight of any camping trip for me. We make pizza pockets every year and they are beyond tasty! I love them. This year, we forgot to pack the cooking spray which meant that my pockets stuck to the roasters and came out charred. I normally have much pride in my pizza pocket skills, but this year I was humbled. I was still able to eat parts, so don’t worry,  I didn’t starve, but I wasn’t on my game. Sad story.

Sunset at Mt. Adams

Sunset at Mt. Adams

At this point, I should mention that the bug spray we got took care of the flies, but this led to a whole new problem – GNATS! Again, we were swarmed. This time by smaller bugs, but still, we were still surrounded. I’m fairly certain that I ate some gnats with my meal because they were so thick. Jeremy and I laughed and joked around and eventually took cover in our tent. The plan was stay in the tent until it got darker and hoped that maybe the gnats would clear out in time for us to do evening smores. We enjoyed the reprieve from the bugs, but when we got in the tent, we noticed our air mattress was deflating a little faster than it should have. While I was out on a bathroom break, I came back to Jeremy telling me we had a problem… what kind of problem? While I was gone, Jeremy had located the leak and then accidentally made it a lot bigger! With no air mattress to sleep on, we decided it was time to pack up and head home!  So no overnight camping actually occurred…

The next morning, Jeremy and I went out to breakfast at a local favorite and then we decided to head back out into nature because this was our camping weekend. We took off for the woods again to explore new roads and see the sights. We stopped at a snow park parking lot to make lunch since we had all our supplies still in the back of the truck. It was extremely classy! We drove up to Mt. St. Helens. It was a nice drive because we usually don’t approach the mountain from this angle. Day two of camping weekend was still spent in nature, seeing the sights, enjoying the drive and spending time together. It might not have been the camping weekend that we had envisioned, but it was still a lot of fun and a memory that we will laugh at now and in the future. Camping with us Scotts is always an adventure!


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