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Ducky Day August 5, 2013

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Yesterday, my mom and sister hosted a lovely family shower for my extended from Puyallup. The theme was ducks with a blue, yellow and white color scheme. My little sister, who loves Pinterest, did a great job decorating and making the theme come to life. Even the snacks matched the theme. There were ducky cookies, blue and white checker cookies, blueberry cobbler and lemon bars! April even went to the trouble of making homemade lemonade (which included juicing 24 lemons without a juicer). She added some blueberries to the top of the lemonade just to keep the color scheme going! Plus, because it’s summer, she got a yummy ice cream cake from Dairy Queen which I loved, but also gave me a massive sugar high!

Since this was a smaller shower then my last one, we played a few games. There was the traditional “Don’t Say” game. The ladies couldn’t say the words boy, diaper or adorable. I was exempt from the game so it was fun to have no restrictions on me. However, I did hear people say the words often and it was hard for me not to steal their clothes pin! The second game was quite the challenge. My mom joked that because Jeremy and I don’t have a baby name settled yet, this game would be inspiration. All the ladies went around in a circle and added a name to the list. Each lady had to remember the whole list as it continued to grow. If you messed up the ordered or forgot a name, you were out of the game.  It turns out that my cousin, Charlotte, won both games and went home with a lot of goodies!

Another fun element April added was a bib decorating station. Throughout the shower, people took turns decorating white bibs with fabric markers and puffy paint! I think if there was a winner for bib decorating, it would be my Aunt Monica. The shower was a duck theme and my husband is a hunter, so she combined these two things to make a bib with a hunter shooting at a duck with the word “DUCK” on the bottom. I’m not sure if that was a warning for the duck to “duck” or just a label of the bird on the bib, but it was too funny! Jeremy really appreciated it when I showed him the creation.

Because most of my extended family lives up north, it’s hit or miss how often I get to see them. I try to make it to as many family events as possible, but it can be hard sometimes with the church calendar. I really appreciated a chance to hang out with ladies for the afternoon. They are so supportive and encouraging. It was also a lot of fun to catch up with my cousin who is due just a few weeks after me. There were a lot of questions we had for each other and since this is her second little boy, she shared a few tidbits of mommy knowledge with me. It was a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon. I will admit that it seemed pretty fitting for April to throw a duck themed shower since one of my nicknames for her is “April Ducky” – this came from a strange hide and seek game where I was trying to make her laugh in order to find her. Ducks and April just go together now!


Ducky Day





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