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Home Alone August 2, 2013

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Hanging with Toby!

Hanging with Toby!

I’m not sure how many Home Alone movies they eventually ended up making – 3 or 4? But this was my home alone week. Now I was not forgotten by my family and abandoned over the Christmas holiday, but I was home alone… a lot. This week was summer camp for our kiddos at Bethel and I sent Jeremy off without me. This is the first summer camp in 7 years that I haven’t attended. It felt very strange to load the kids all up on Monday and not go with them. In fact, this is the longest stint that Jeremy and I have been a part since we’ve been married. We’ve done weekends apart but most week long trips involve both us. Why did I stay home? Well, there is the matter of camp being extremely draining. The schedule is nuts and the accommodations aren’t so great. I usually come home from camp dead tired and this year I just decided that being pregnant and all, it would be too much. Plus, it allowed me to cover for our receptionist part of this week while she prepares for her wedding this weekend.

I haven’t done much blogging this week – partially because it’s been a quiet week and partially because I have a great fear if I mentioned I was home alone some scary internet stalker would show up at my house and try to kill me in my sleep. Did I mention I have an active imagination? Especially when I’m left alone for long period of time? Yup, it’s true! I’m the type of person that prays every night before I go to sleep (when I’m on my own) that a murder or robber doesn’t try to break into my house and that I’ll be able to sleep and not worry. Anyway… back to the quiet week and enough about my crazy fears!

The week was a very productive one – at both home and work. It’s amazing when you’re by yourself how much you can get done in a day. I had no one to distracts me which was nice at times and kind of sad at others. I got a lot of projects taken care of, I went to dinner with a student, ran some errands in town, watched movies, did some baking, took the doggie on daily walks and read a lot.  After three nights of being on my own, my sister came over yesterday for the evening and spent the night. It was nice to have her company by the end of the week because at least at home – I’ve been the only human, so it was great to talk with someone other than the dog!

The doggie has been my buddy, but I can tell he misses his man. I’m kind of boring and despite all the walks and play time, I know that I’m just not cutting it for him. I really miss having a man around the house as well. In a way, it felt like I was house-sitting my own house because I did many things that I don’t normally do – like take the trash cans out to the road and back to the house on trash day. I watered Jeremy’s garden and greenhouse. I was on night duty for the dog. Normally, Jeremy is the one that goes outside in the middle of the night with the pup and it’s something I’m very grateful for. Again, it’s scary to be out in the front yard alone at 2:00am (I do live in the country – lions and tigers and bears – oh my). I really appreciate all that Jeremy does around the house and I will be glad to be doing house stuff again as a team and not just me.

Overall, I just missed my man, despite my productivity. I will often say that I am good at entertaining myself and as an introvert, I don’t mind quiet alone time. This is true, but let me tell you, one week is too much! I got a few chances throughout the day to talk with Jeremy, but he was in camp world and I was in Lewis County. It’s almost like two different plains of existence. It was good to chat with him and I am thankful for each moment I had on the phone with him. I will be thankful and not take for granted the joy of having him come home after a day of work. As much as I am little chatter box, I will be grateful for his conversation and the way he can make me laugh by being silly and goofy. I am too serious and too quiet on my own. I need this man this liven up my life.

So anyway, that is my home alone story! I am counting down the hours until my hubby and I reunited! I can’t wait! Normally Toby will glue himself to Jeremy when Jeremy has been away for a long time or has been busy and unable to focus on him. I think I might follow in Toby’s footsteps today (or paw steps). There is a good chance I’ll be glued to him as well!


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