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Shower Season July 28, 2013

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The details!

The details!

We have now entered shower season. It’s not weather related. It falls between the end of July and the beginning of September. What kind of shower season? Baby shower season! With just two and a half months to go until the the arrival of our little man, I can now celebrate with family, friends and good food!

This might seem strange, but yesterday was the first of three baby showers. I know some would say that is excessive. It  feels a bit strange to me, but each shower has a different group, a different theme and a different flow. This first shower was one for my church family. I have another one next weekend with my extended family from out of town and then the final shower will be a joint shower for my sister-in-law with my husband’s side of the family.  Each shower will be unique and each I’m positive will be a blessing.

This first shower was hosted by two of my lovely friends, Vicki and Danielle. Vicki was on staff at Bethel for a long time and Danielle works in children’s ministries with Jeremy and I. My biggest concern about this shower was the fact that a lot of people were invited. When throwing a church shower, it’s hard to leave anyone out.  In our case, this meant the invite went into our weekly program and everyone was invited. This caused some concern for my gracious hostesses because they had no clue how many people to expect. In the end, it turned out to be a great gathering. Not as many people as I expected, but I was okay with that. It was more mellow and less overwhelming than I anticipated. I love being in leadership and ministry, but being the center of attention at a large event was slightly panic inducing. However, no panicking was necessary! Praise the Lord!

About to cut the cake!

About to cut the cake!

Like I mentioned before, each shower has a different theme and flow based on the hostesses. This shower had a woodland animal theme that was inspired by our nursery decor. The tables had mason jars with twigs sticking out of them and owls on the twigs. It was super cute. Apparently, it was an idea Danielle found off of Pinterest. My wonderful friend, Julie, made a cake that was covered in trees and forest animals! It was almost too cute to eat. I felt bad cutting into it! Vicki, did a devotional time that was so sweet. I’ve been a little nervous about raising a boy because I know so little about them, but Vicki’s talk was so inspirational that it took the edge of my nerves. I am reminded that I’m surrounded by many ladies that have successfully raised boys and I am sure they will be a wealth of support and encouragement to me when I feel clueless and unsure of myself.

Overall, I felt extremely blessed. It’s not really even about “gifts” and “presents”, which of course, are a highlight of any shower, but more than that, I felt supported and loved by my church community. I know that I won’t be a perfect parent and that there will be lots of eyes watching me as I learn by trail and error. I know that the people surrounding me are rooting me on and that they are super excited for all that is ahead for Jeremy and I on this journey. It was great to have some girls attend the shower that I taught many years ago and they are now teenagers and almost adults. You also had the church lady crowd – the seniors with their white haired crowns of glory. I had moms of kids that are currently in our ministry and their elementary school aged daughters. All age groups were represented and all were there to celebrate with me. When I think about that, how can I not be blessed beyond belief? It was a sweet reminder of how loved I really am. I am grateful!


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