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They’re back! July 25, 2013

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Hello Precious!

Hello Precious!

Back in November the world was going mad. Hostess products were flying off the shelves in grocery stores and gas stations. What wasn’t being consumed by the buyers was being sold on websites like eBay. Yes, my husband was amongst the many who tried to sell Hostess products online as they disappeared from the stores. You can read about my farewell to the beloved snack food here on my blog post from November – Good-Bye Old, Dear Friend.

Now for many Hostess represents what has gone wrong in America. It’s the evil food that has no nutritional value and is making the next generation (and current generations) obese. Despite all the negative vibes surrounding the snack cakes, I will admit that I am lover of Hostess and a supporter! My mom would give me Twinkies as a kid because I was so entertained by their make-up. The cream filling would keep me occupied as I disassembled the snack and munched on it. As I grew up, Hostess products became road trip food or a special treat to get through a hard day. I’ve never had a steady stash in my home, but I would occasionally enjoy a fruit pie or a package of Donettes (preferably crunch). I’ve been known to keep a pack of Ding Dongs in the freezer as a summer treat.  I also really enjoyed SnoBalls and Cupcakes.

So yes, November. It was a dark time for me. What didn’t sell on eBay, Jeremy and I ate. It was sad. With each product I consumed, I knew there would be no more. No replacement. It was the end of an American classic. Of course, I rejoiced when I heard that Hostess would again be stocking it’s goodies on store shelves. I didn’t run to the store the day they came out, but I was happy.

Today my hubby came home and told me to close my eyes. This seemed a little weird and kind of ridiculous since he rarely does this. I’m not a huge fan of the “close your eyes” request. I’m not sure why. Maybe I still think all boys will put a snake in your hand when they ask you to close your eyes. When I opened my eyes, I was delighted to find a box of Twinkies. I felt like a little kid again! I immediately opened the box and had one. Yes, they are as good I remember. There is just something about cream filling that I love!

I’m excited for the return of this beloved childhood snack cake. I’m secretly hoping the whole line of products return to the stores as well. Right now I am just thankful for the box of Twinkies sitting in my pantry! It seriously doesn’t take much to make me happy!


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