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Meaningful Artwork July 24, 2013

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It was very apparent to me once we had all the furniture in place in the nursery that we were going to be in need of artwork to liven up the walls. Jeremy had tacked up the fabric art pieces that came with our nursery set on the largest wall and while they are adorable, they are just a little too small for that wall. I already had envisioned them in another spot, so that left me still pondering the large wall.

If any of you know me well, you know that I am a researcher. I took to the internet for inspiration. I looked a lot over Etsy and other websites trying to find artwork that will match our theme. The hard thing is that none of the forest animals I saw where a close enough match to the ones on our bedding. This lead me way from looking at animals and started me down the focus of words. A lot of people put cute sayings, phrases and quotes on their baby’s wall. Did I want to do that? I guess the answer is yes, but I skipped the cutesy stuff and went straight to the Bible. If I was going to frame words, I want to frame Scripture. I want that to be what I see when I walk into our little guy’s room. I want him to know these verses, but as a parent, I want these verses to be familiar to me as well. I decided on four different passages that meant a lot to me and I thought would reflect well in a babies room. My first attempt at creating the artwork was a fail. I had a family member print them on a laser printer, but the colors didn’t match quite right.

My second attempt look me down a little more professional route. I went back to Esty and downloaded a wood grain scrapbook paper set. I do believe the download had about 24 colors to choose from. Jeremy really like the wood grain theme because it fit the room, but it wasn’t too busy. I set to work recreating verses on this wood grain pattern. I then had the images printed at Shutterfly on 11 x 14 matte paper. I also ordered some 11 x 14 frames online and they should arrive soon.

The artwork from Shutterfly arrived today and I will admit that I was nervous to open the package. With my first more homemade attempt at artwork, the colors didn’t print right and I was hoping that I wouldn’t have the same problem this time. I’m happy to report that the prints turned out really well! They were rolled up in the package, so I have them laying out with books to flatten them. When the frames arrive and I get everything up on the wall, I will be sure to post a picture of the finished product!

Artwork can be very expensive. Making it myself and using coupons and gift cards made this project relatively cheap in comparison to what I could have spent. More than it being cost effective to do it myself, I love the fact that I created something that will go up in the baby’s room. I love that it’s Scripture because it’s presence can be comforting, encouraging and prophetic. It means something. At least it does to me and hopefully someday it will mean something to our son as well. Maybe the artwork won’t be cherished, but hopefully the words will!

Scripture verses with a wood grain background.

Scripture verses with a wood grain background.


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