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400! July 15, 2013

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Welcome to my 400th post on Amy Scott’s Thoughts! It’s been a fun journey to get to 400. Blogging has been such a wonderful addition to my life. I truly love it. Even if I’m not writing a nationally famous blog, I feel like I’m doing something. I’m keeping my writing skills up and I’m stretching myself to share my stories and my thoughts. I’m striving to be honest, funny and encouraging. I’m also hoping for a place where I be real and be me. I’ve enjoyed this experience so much because I’m using my voice in a way I love. I’m a writer by nature. It’s how I process my world. Writing is my preferred form of communication. I love sitting down and actually thinking about what I am going to say. So often we talk without thinking, but writing gives me pause. It gives me time to really mull over the thought. It gives me time to change my wording if I need to. I like how writing involves editing because nothing comes out perfectly the first time. Writing gives me that time and space to really solidify what I am going to say.

If you’ve followed my blog for any time, you know that I’m all over the place. There isn’t just one topic up for discussion here. My life is crazy and it’s just as scattered as the many topics on this blog. I love to talk about my relationship with Jesus and what he is walking me through at any given moment. I love writing my work with the kiddos at our church. I enjoy baking and doing domestic things. I’m always ready to share a domestic win or failure! I’ve certainly had both! My family is super important to me and they come up often, so is my mentoring. I love to share about my travels and what books I’m reading. In the last few months, I’ve even added the “baby” topic as Jeremy and I prepare for our first child to be born in October. There is just too much going on to write only about one thing. Forgive me for the bouncing, but the tagline on my page is”sharing the thoughts that bounce around in my brain.” With a tagline like I can go anywhere!

I thought I would break 400 down a bit and give a snapshot into the blogging world of Amy Scott. 400 posts in about 28 months means I blog about 3-4 times a week. However, it does come and go in spurts! You’ll notice I can a week solid of writing and then a busy season will hit and I will be quiet for a couple of days. Sometimes it all depends on inspiration and how many ideas I have in my blog hopper. When I get an idea, I add it to a list and then I slowly work through my topics without forgetting any of them.

The highest amount of views I’ve had in one day was 120. I wrote a blog about how Jeremy and I are expecting a baby and shared it on Facebook. Apparently, people were interested! I’ve had 8,330 views total which averages to about 300 views a month and about 10 views a day. Like I said, I’m not nationally famous, but I’m getting traffic and I’m happy with that. I also have about 20 followers who receive emails or notifications when I post. Shout out to my followers! Thank you for keeping up with me! I appreciate you!

Oh, 400! There is something about reaching a mark and knowing that you’ve had staying power. This isn’t a phase. This isn’t a project I will abandon. Blogging is a part of me and I’m so glad that I get to share it with you! Stay tuned. More fun is in store. That idea hopper of mine is full and I can’t wait to write each post. Also, feel free to comment and add your thoughts to this page. I welcome the conversation. This doesn’t have to be a dramatic monologue (even though I can be good at those)! I’m glad to have you along for the ride!


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