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Starting the Nursery! July 7, 2013

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Bedding & Paint Samples!

Bedding & Paint Samples!

Our nursery has been a blank canvas just waiting for us to add color, furniture and life to it! This weekend we started that process and I’m so excited to have the ball rolling! Friday, we stopped in at Babies’R’Us and picked up our bedding set. We wanted to have the bedding set on hand so we could pick paint samples and compare them to the actually bedding, not just pictures we’ve seen of the bedding. It was fun to make our first official purchase toward the nursery. The bedding was even on sale and we had a coupon, so of course, that made it even better! After all the birthday festivities with my dad, we ran into Home Depot and picked up some samples. After some debate, we have decided to not paint the nursery green like we had originally planned. We decided that we want to go with a lighter color and let the colors in the bedding and the room be focal point, not the walls. We had picked up a couple cream based samples on Friday and then went back to Home Depot on Saturday to get more options now that we have a different direction. The final paint decision is called Cornerstone by Behr (a very Biblical name for a paint if you ask me). I can’t wait to see the room once it is on the wall!

In other baby news, we were given a generous gift to put toward baby stuff this weekend, so the furniture purchasing process has started! It’s hard to know what items to buy first, but Jeremy and I decided to focus on the nursery. With that in mind, we took off for Portland, OR yesterday to do some shopping. We purchased our crib and our crib mattress! How exciting! When you add that to the bedding we purchased on Friday, we have one component of the room ready. By ready, I mean purchased. Actually construction of furniture items will happen after painting so that way Jeremy doesn’t have to paint around large pieces of furniture. Once we got home from crib shopping, I hopped online to find a few other pieces to add the room. We were able to purchase our dresser, changing table and a glider online and stay within budget! Gotta love it when that happens!

So now I wait for the boxes to arrive, for the paint to purchased and put on the walls and the furniture to assembled and put into place. We have plenty of time to get these projects done and I’m not concerned about when it all happens. I’m just excited that it is happening. Our little guy is going to have a great room and I can’t wait for it all come together!


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