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Happy Birthday, America & Happy Birthday, Dad! July 6, 2013

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Happy 4th of July!

The last two days have been full of celebrating! July 4th was Independence Day and July 5th was my dad’s birthday! Both days were wonderful and a lot of fun!

For the 4th of July, we drove back up to Mt. Rainier. Jeremy wanted to make good use of the park pass we purchased last Saturday because it was valid for a week. We drove around the mountain to Sunrise – a place I’ve now only been twice! It’s cool to see the mountain from a different angle and the view is spectacular! Driving through the park, we saw many waterfalls, marmots and even a fox! We enjoyed the scenic drive and I was amazed at how much snow is still on the ground at the beginning of July. Usually when we camp at Mt. Rainier, it’s the middle/end of August. There is a big difference in snow levels! We took Toby on this adventure with us. For the most part he enjoyed himself. Our doggie loves rides and being the car, so it was fun to spend the holiday just the three of us. It’s was kind of quiet, but lovely and fun! We got home in time for dinner. Jeremy grilled us some steaks which were very tasty. For dessert, we made a fire in the backyard and did smores – a summer time classic! Jeremy stayed out to watch the neighbors light off fireworks and I went inside to try to calm the doggie. 4 fans and my music blaring weren’t enough to keep Toby from hearing the booms around us. Poor pup. He spent most of the night huddled in the bathroom or closet – for some reason these are his “safe” places!

Friday, we met up with my family to go see Man of Steel for my dad’s birthday. They had been filming the city scenes when we visited Chicago in September 2011 (read about it here). We even stalked the filming site one day and hoped that we would actually be in the movie. The scene we would have been in is about 3 seconds at the end of the movie and way to zoomed in to see the crowd in the background. I’ll admit, I was disappointed (that I wasn’t in the movie, not with the movie itself). Jeremy says we’ll buy the DVD just to make sure we’re not in any of the behind the scenes. Since our whole family had been a part of the trip, it was fun to go see the movie with them knowing that we had been there! After the movie, we did a classic meal for our family. We had dinner at Chipotle and dessert at Menchie’s (frozen yogurt).  Always a good combo! The weather was great so ate outside at both places and enjoyed the sunshine. Once the meal portion of the evening was over, we went back to my parent’s house so my dad could open his birthday cards. My mom got him this awesome card with a boogie boarding hamster on it. It was kind of an inside joke since my dad attempted boogie boarding a couple times in Hawaii. Of course, he opened her card first so it all down hill from there! No one could compete with that. Overall, it was a great family day!


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