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100(ish) Days To Go July 3, 2013

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It’s been a while since I posted anything specifically related to Baby Scott on here, so I thought I would give a quick update on our little guy and how things are going. I’m officially 100 days away from my due date today. Obviously, most babies don’t arrive on their due date, so it’s 100 days plus or minus a few! While it seems crazy to be in the 100 day range, I know that 100 days can go quickly and slowly all at the same time. I’m hoping that as my summer and fall days are packed full that the time will fly and our little one will be here soon.

I’m at 25 weeks right now. I’ll be 26 weeks on Saturday. Just two and a half weeks left in my second trimester. Hard to believe! There have been milestones that I’ve been looking forward to along the way. The first milestone would have been making it the second trimester in April. The second milestone was finding the gender out in May. 100 days to due date was a milestone and quickly following that is entering the 3rd trimester!

Our little guy moves around a ton! He is still an active fellow. While most moms-to-be love this sign of a healthy baby, I find all the movement a bit distracting. He moves a lot while I’m trying to work or focus on other things. I don’t want to ignore the little guy, but I guess if I was honest, there is probably no “good” time for him to do his gymnastics where it wouldn’t affect my activity at hand. Oh well. I’m getting used to sharing my space with this little mover and shaker, but it is weird.

As I posted before, I had a giant to-do list that I wanted to get done in the spring before our trip to Hawaii. The list mostly included house projects and consolidating/selling our stuff to make room for baby. It’s been strange having our guestroom be completely cleared and I’m starting to get used to calling it the “baby’s room”. In the closet, I have started a stock pile of baby items. We have a couple of onesies and bibs from family. We have some blankets and even a few toys. I have a pile on the floor in the closet full of samples and coupons we’ve received from registering or from our doctor’s office. I’m trying to keep track of all the goodies.

The next project will be painting the baby’s room which will hopefully happen this month if all goes as planned. I can’t wait to post those photos and share them with you. This is the phase that I’ve been looking forward to the most! In August, we’ll begin to purchase and assemble the furniture we need the room. My hubby is an archer and hunting season begins in September, so I know that Jeremy is motivated to get the room into a good place in the month of August. He wants to be guilt free when he goes out hunting. I know that major home projects would compete with hunting season. The goal is to have the major pieces all purchase and put together before hunting season starts.

Other exciting news would be that I’m now less than a month away from my first baby shower! It’s been fun to chat with friends and family has they plan baby showers. Each shower will have a different crowd and a different theme. It’s fun to these planning ladies in action. At the same time, it’s different for me not to be involved. I’m such a planner myself that it’s strange to have people throwing parties for me and all I have to do is show up. I’m excited to celebrate with these dear friends and family. It will also be exciting to watch our little pile of baby stuff grow as we prepare for this little guy. After registering and seeing all that they tell you is “needed” for a baby, I’m so grateful already for the help and support that a shower will provide. I knew kiddos were expensive, but wow, it’s been eye opening!

I’ll keep you update to date as the month continues on. I’m sure that with painting and showers and furniture assembly in the near future, I’ll have lots to post about! It’s an exciting adventure we’re on and I can’t wait to keep moving forward!


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