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Maui Day By Day: Last Full Day & Good-Bye July 1, 2013

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Touring Maui with the top down!

Touring Maui with the top down!

For the last full day in Maui, Jeremy and I decided to breakaway from the group. The plan had been to do the road to Hana, but my tummy hadn’t like all the roads we’d been on, so I didn’t want to get partially there and feel sick and ruin the whole day by having to turn around. Jeremy was okay with the diversion and ended up renting a Mustang convertible for the day! Oh my, was he a happy boy! He asked me if we could keep it! Unfortunately, it didn’t fit on the plane. So sad. It was a neat experience driving around Maui with the top down. Not great for my hair, but who cares for one day!

We called Thursday splurge day because of the car, but also because we did a little souvenir shopping. We decided to even splurge on lunch and went to the number one rated restaurant on the island, Mama’s Fish House. It wasn’t a cheap meal, but it was well worth it! The food was great and the atmosphere was perfect. We sat at a table with an open air covering that looked right out onto a beautiful beach and lovely palm trees. The service was awesome. I could post all the pictures of all we ate there and rave about it, but it would take up a lot of the blog! So anyway, if you’re in Maui, eat at Mama’s!

Our view at Mama's Fish House!

Our view at Mama’s Fish House!

Later that afternoon we reconnected with the group and got to hear their stories of the Hana road and see some pictures. We decided that since it was the last night we would try Maui Tacos which is a local Mexican food chain. My burrito was good and they have a variety of salsas to choose from. It was worth the stop and a nice walk from the condo.

April and Andrew joined us for the last sunset on the beach. It was sad once that sun went down because it meant that things were officially winding down. The next morning we had to return the Mustang to the car rental – that also made the trip ending feel more real. Before we officially checked out of the condo, we went to breakfast at the Kihei Caffe. I had buttermilk pancakes with banana macadamia nut topping that were to die for! Amazing! Simply the best way to end a trip ever… However, they would be a good way to start to a trip and pretty much any day of a trip. So good!

Best pancakes EVER!

Best pancakes EVER!

With full tummies, we went back the condo to clean up and pack up. We walked around the local mall for about an hour to kill some time and then off to the airport we went. The trip gets a lot less glamorous from here on out. Nothing like waiting in long lines and going through security, where I was randomly selected to have an electronic device tested. Yipee. We boarded the plane only to find out that the plane didn’t have enough fuel and they needed three different fuel trucks to come out at various times to try to fill it. An hour behind schedule, we were finally in the air. Lucky for us, they gave us some extra fuel so we could go faster and got in about 10 minutes late. Not bad.

Jeremy’s parents picked us up at the airport and we spent the car ride home filling them in on the trip. I’m glad for the conversation or I would have been passed out. For some reason all my tiredness really caught up with me on the last day. When we arrived home it was almost strange as we entered our house. Things looked foreign to us. You know you’ve been gone a while when you need to re-familiarize yourself with our own home! The oddness quickly wore off as we hopped into bed and promptly crashed!

And that is our Hawaiian vacation in a nutshell – a really big nutshell! Now I will go back to our regularly scheduled programming. While I’ve been blogging about Hawaii, I’ve been saving things to blog about that have happened since Hawaii. Lots to share! These are busy, fun summer days! I can’t wait to share them with you!


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