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Maui Day By Day: Snorkeling June 29, 2013

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The Four Winds II - ready for action!

The Four Winds II – ready for action!

Tuesday was our big snorkel trip! Originally it was supposed to be just us four kids, but mom got the itch to see the fish up close and personal. I know that boats are not her thing, so this was a big deal for her. My grandma decided to join us and stay on the boat and watch. We set sail on the Four Winds II. Breakfast and lunch were provided. I skipped the boat breakfast and ate a larger meal at the condo. I wanted to make sure I was full before we set sail in hopes that it would help any seasickness. The ride out was a little bumpy, but the ride back into the harbor was a lot better for my tummy. Lunch was pulled pork sandwiches and very much welcomed after a morning of snorkeling. We saw lots of sea turtles on the way back to shore and the captain gave us a tour of all the house owned by famous people along the way. Very interesting stuff!

I had a minor panic attack when stepping out of the boat and into the water for the first time. I think my mom and sister did as well. Of course, Jeremy and Andrew are fish and had no issues getting into the water. Andrew even went in with no flotation device! I used both a floatation belt and a boogie board. I’ve always attempted to use a snorkel mask correctly before but this was the first time I really understood how it worked! Lucky for me, I didn’t drink any salt water on this trip! Not like my first beach day! It was great to be in the water and look at all the fish. There weren’t as many fish out as I had thought, but we did see a good variety. This was one of those activities where I had to conquer my fears and I am glad I did! I might never be an avid snorkeler, but at least I can say I did it (and survived)!

The youngest lava flow on Maui!

The youngest lava flow on Maui!

While the family had been out snorkeling, my dad drove into upcountry to find a bakery that was well known for their cream puffs. He bought a dozen cream puffs as well as three pies for the group. My afternoon snack after snorkeling was a cream puff. It was very large and I enjoyed it for the most part. They were a bit soggy from the moisture in the fridge, but still a nice treat. After dinner, we dove into the pie assortment – coconut, apple and apricot-peach. All were very good! I was reminded how much I love peaches and the coconut pie tasted like a macaroon cookie. The apple was good, but didn’t shine in comparison.

We really didn’t make any afternoon plans since we weren’t sure how much energy we would all have after the snorkeling. April had a coffee place she wanted to check out so we drove down to Wailea to get her and Andrew a beverage.  Dad wanted to explore further south, so we drove down through the youngest lava flow on the island. It was almost like another world. We found a small beach with a cove where spinner dolphins like to rest. It was pretty neat. There was a hiking trail that half the family would take the following day. April and I didn’t wear the right shoes and I was tired from snorkeling, so I didn’t jump at the chance to hike. Plus, let’s admit it, I’m not much of a hiker anyway.

Again the day ended with sunset on the lawn chairs and then a silly movie.


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  1. Keep the stories coming!

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