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Maui Day By Day: Water World June 28, 2013

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The boys catching a wave!

The boys catching a wave!

I’m sure by now that you are wishing my trip was shorter! So much to blog about! It’s amazing how long this series can go on! I promise though that we are the tail end of things!

Monday we spent the morning at the Maui Ocean Center learning about fish and turtles and whatnot. It was fun to see  the turtles being fed – that would be a highlight of the morning. Honestly, the ocean center was smaller than I had figured so it was a bit of a disappointment to me for the cost of admission. Then I think about the sea turtles and I think it might have been worth it… maybe! We walked over to the shops near by and got a Hula Cookie. It’s a company that makes fresh baked cookies and ice cream sandwiches. I had a chocolate chip macadamia nut cookie that was pretty good. I like it when the chocolate is still soft and this one was like that!

After lunch at the condo, we headed back to Makena Beach. We had purchased some better boogie boards from Costco and the boys were anxious to use them. Sadly, my dad’s boogie boarding career was cut short when the ocean decided to blow out this contacts! Jeremy and Andrew, however, boogie boarded for almost 4 hours straight. I sat and watched them from a beach umbrella. It was very entertaining. There is a lot of thrill in watching boogie boarding – will they catch the wave, will they biff it, will they ride it all the way to shore? So many questions each time a wave comes. Plus, you can’t beat the huge smile on their faces when they ride a good wave.

For me, this time on the beach just sitting and watching the boys was just what I needed! I needed some down time for the constant going and doing. It was a bit mindless sitting there for a couple hours, but it was perfect. Sitting on the beach doing nothing was one of my hopes for this Maui trip.

After dinner, Jeremy and I made our walk down to the beach. This time went over to the lawn of a near by condo and sat on their very comfy lawn chairs. No one was using them so we decided to make ourselves at home! It was great! There is nothing better than watching the sunset with your feet up on a comfy chair! We ended our day by watching a silly movie from the condo’s collection and eating leftover huapia cake. The family had already started a Star Trek movie while we were out, so it was movie night at the condo. Again, it was nice to rest and just do something brainless! Gotta love vacation!


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