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Maui Day By Day: Father’s Day Island Style June 27, 2013

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Dragon's Teeth

Dragon’s Teeth

Sunday was Father’s day, so we let the men make the plans. Our first stop was at the Maui Tropical Plantation. We took a very educational tram ride there and learned all kinds of things about pineapple, coffee, coconuts, macadamia nuts and avocado. The tram driver stopped and gave us a presentation on how to crack a coconut. She started with the coconut in the husk and I was amazed at how big it is when you don’t buy a store bough coconut. I also learned that it’s illegal for coconuts to grow past a certain size in Hawaii. They are “self-harvesters” which mean they fall whenever they want and can cause lots of damage depending on how big they are and where they land. Crazy!

From the plantation, we took off north along the coast. We wanted to see a few spots along the road. The first place we went was called the blow hole. It was a spot down by the shore where water would push up through a hole in the rocks. The hike down looked a little steep and there were all kinds of signs warning us that the blow hole is dangerous… so we watched it from a distance at the top of the hill. Our next stop was a site called Dragon’s Teeth where a lava flow at hardened in a cool way when it hit the ocean. It looks like dragon teeth, go figure! This spot was interesting because you had to walk along part of a golf course to get down to it. Once on the lava flow, it was fun to explore around.  The walk back up to the car from the Dragon’s Teeth was really warm, so we stopped by McDonald’s and got $1 ice cream cones which were a welcome cool treat!

Happy 1st Father's Day, Jeremy!

Happy 1st Father’s Day, Jeremy!

We got back to the condo in time to clean up for dinner. We were all a bit hot and sweaty from the days travels and we had some red dirt on us – at least I did! I changed quickly and then we headed out for our Father’s Day dinner location which happened to be a short walk from the condo. Cafe O’Lei was highly rated by many books and it had a good Zagat rating. On the outside, it doesn’t look that impressive, but inside it was very nice! We all had very nice meals and I would order mine again! I had honey macadamia nut covered roast pork with some awesome mashed potatoes on the side. Jeremy ordered a huge piece of prime rib which is a favorite of his. Because we plowed through our dinner, we decided to share dessert. My dad has chosen this restaurant specially because it was supposed to have good pineapple upside down cake which was a treat he was looking forward to. Jeremy and I went for the pineapple upside down cake and were not disappointed. The cake itself was a smidge crumbly, but the flavor made up for that!

Like most nights, this day ended with us watching the sunset! Jeremy and I diverted from the group to watch the sunset in Kam I’s park. It was great to have some time with just Jeremy and make sure that his 1st Father’s Day at gone well! I do believe it did! Any day where Jeremy can play on a lava flow and eat prime rib is a good a day!


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