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Maui Day By Day: The Discovery of Boogie Boards June 25, 2013

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The perfect way to start the day!

The perfect way to start the day!

Friday was our beach day! Jeremy and I met up with April and Andrew (my sister and brother-in-law) for an early morning stroll on the beach. Jeremy ended up talking Andrew into swimming after sea turtles. I’m pretty sure they didn’t with swim the turtles and ended up really wet. The turtles are kind of leery of tourists and they don’t like having their photo taken (trust me I tried and they always won).

On our drive to Wailea the day before, we discovered Makena Beach called Big Beach by the locals. The boys really wanted to come back to swim there and my mom wanted to make a sand castle. I got in the water right away thinking I was going to be bold and “swim” in the ocean. The surf at this beach was very different from our morning walks at Kamaole Beach I (Kam I for short). The wave would almost suck you out as it grew and then would hammer you. It was perfect for boogie boarding, but not for swimming. Since I’m not much of a boogie boarder, I decided to watch after a while. The waves had toppled me one too many times and I ended up drinking salt water a little too much.

Chilling at Makena Beach

Chilling at Makena Beach

We had lunch back at the condo and then we set off to buy boogie boards that were more girl sized so April and I could try it. We went down to Kam I which didn’t have a big enough surf to boogie board. Sadly, I felt like I squished every wave I tried to ride. The trade winds had also picked up so the spray from the water was kind of a intense. The best part of the afternoon was actually swimming off shore (with the help of a boogie board to hold on to). This was a first for me since I’ve never swam in the ocean back here in the Northwest. I felt like it was an accomplishment.

Once all the boogie boarding fun was had, we headed back up to the condo to have tamales for dinner and then later we went and got frozen yogurt as a birthday dessert for my mom. It was fun to have a beach day and time in the water. Jeremy, sadly, got pretty burnt that day and we learned the hard way that the spray sunscreen isn’t good when it comes to the bottom on the can. Poor guy. Everyone kind of a got blotchy burns, but nothing too bad. For me, my left shoulder got burnt and a spot on my left leg. Lucky for all of us our burns faded pretty fast and didn’t effect the rest of the trip.


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