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Unplugging June 9, 2013

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I made a decision a while ago that this upcoming vacation was going to be different than vacations of the past.  I will admit that I’m addicted to my cell phone. I check it way too often. Thanks to easy access on my phone, I’m on Facebook way too much. It’s amazing the strong need and desire to see what the world is up to. I’ve tried to cut back my own posts on Facebook. I don’t think people need to hear what I’m up to everyday (I used to post daily). Now I try to keep it to one or two posts  a week. On most vacations, I will post what I am up to so that way family and friends can stay informed (be jealous, same thing?).  I like highlighting my adventures, especially in new and exciting places. But… not this trip! Hawaii is going to be reserved for me and my traveling companions only (at least while I am there). No Facebook for me. Not posting and not checking. I apologize if I miss something big while I’m gone, but I’ve decided to unplug for this vacation.

I should note that this doesn’t mean I won’t use my phone at all while I am gone. I will probably use it to listen to music on the airplane. I will probably use it to keep track of my calories (I know, I’m crazy, but I have an addiction to My Fitness Pal that is stronger than Facebook). I have decided to keep track of my calories, but not to let them limit me while I am away. I think we all make healthier choices when we monitor what we’ve eaten. Anyway, that is another topic for another time. The big difference in what I will use my phone for and what I won’t lies in contacting the outside world. I’m going to let emails pile up, I’m going to let posts go unposted and I’m going to ignore the outside world. It almost seems offensive, but honestly, I am so ready to disconnect! I will be an ocean away from home and I want it feel that way. So often thanks to the constant connectivity of technology, you can be gone, but still in the office.  I want this to be a true vacation!

I will update the world when I get back. I will share pictures and stories, you can be sure. As a writer, I’m sure a trip like this will give me plenty of blog post material. That’s another thing… The blog also falls into the unplugging category. So will share when I return! This trip will be like a best kept secret until I return to the mainland!

However, you haven’t gotten rid of me quite yet! I still have one more post up my sleeve before I go, so stay tuned!


One Response to “Unplugging”

  1. Maggie Says:

    I can’t wait to hear about it all when you get back! And see all your cute pictures!

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