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Baby Boom June 3, 2013

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Baby blankets made by a sweet church lady!

Baby blankets made by a sweet church lady!

I knew going into this whole pregnancy thing that I wouldn’t be alone. I don’t mean in the support and encouragement kind of way (although I do have that). I knew that I wouldn’t be the only pregnant lady I know. However, I had no idea how not alone I would be! I have come to discover that pregnancy is a lot like they how they describe buying a new car. You think you’re the only one who is going to own this certain kind vehicle. Once you buy said vehicle, you realize that everyone else on the road as the same make or color. Pregnancy has been a lot like that for me!

When we got pregnant, one of my best friends was already expecting her 2nd little boy. We had talked months earlier about how Jeremy and I were “trying’ so it was a lot of fun to share the news with her and “join the club”. Shortly after we made our big announcement on Easter, my cousin posted that she is expecting her 2nd little one as well. Her due date is November 5th so our babies are only a few weeks a part! Jeremy told me that one of our nursery workers at church did the math and we’ll have 7 new infants this fall at Bethel.

Things got even more exciting on Mother’s Day weekend when my sister-in-law announced that she’s expecting and due November 9th! The big kicker is when my other sister-in-law followed by announcing that she is due December 18th! I couldn’t believe it! Honestly, I was in shock. All three Scott brothers have pregnant wives due in October, November and December! My in-laws will go from 2 grandkids to 5 by the end of the year! It’s too crazy! I am beyond thrilled that I will have the opportunity to double my auntie role this year! I’m excited to learn if I’ll have more nieces or more nephews or a combo of both! I just can’t wait!

It’s been an interesting season for me as I learn a lot about pregnancy and prepare for motherhood. The good news is I am not alone and I have quite a few wonderful women that I can share this experience with. It’s nice to have a conversation with someone who has been there or is right there with me and totally understands where I am coming from. Looks like I am a part of a baby boom – not only at church, but in the Scott family as well! I couldn’t be more exited! What fun!


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