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Sleepover and Graduation June 2, 2013

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Game Time

Game Time

This weekend was a BIG weekend for me! Lots of activity! My class sleepover was Friday night through Saturday morning. It went well! I was amazed at how competitive this group is. Every game we played with very intense and loud as a result! The girls had a good time and the whole event went well. I’m always so blessed by the opportunity to invite my class over to my house. I want them to know that I’m not just their teacher on Wednesday night, but that I’m a friend and someone that cares about them all the time. I want them to know that they have access to my life beyond our classroom time. At this point in the year, I’m super attached to my student and as the end of school approaches, it means that many will be moving up and out of my classroom soon. I’m making the most of the moments I have with these girls, because as I’m watching the 1st class I taught graduation from high school, I am all too aware that my time with them is brief. Soon they’ll be middle schoolers then high schoolers and then adults off at college or chasing whatever dream God lays on their heart. It goes faster than I thought!

Celebrating Jessica's Graduation!

Celebrating Jessica’s Graduation!

Speaking of growing up fast, yesterday afternoon was my first graduation of the season. Jessica has been a mentor girl of mine for years. I met Jessica on Easter weekend when she was in 4th grade. It’s hard to believe that she now a graduated senior and so tall! A lot of my students will out grow me in height but I think Jessica is the winner so far! She’s a beautiful dancer with a heart for the Lord. It’s been a privilege to walk beside her through life’s ups and downs these last few years. At her graduation they asked that we hold all applause until the end of reading the names. It was so hard for me not break out in a loud cheer as she walked across that stage and received her diploma. I’m so proud of her!

The one downside of the weekend was the fact that I got about 4 hours of sleep during the sleepover – or lack of sleepover! When I got home from dropping the students off, I started to clean my house which is a must after having my house taken over by pre-teens. The cleaning took a little longer than I hoped and I didn’t have enough time to take a nap before having to get ready for Jessica’s graduation. So up SeaTac I went on 4 hours of sleep. I hurt I was so tired! Sadly, I had planned to go to dinner with Jessica’s family and group of friends, but I had to cancel on those plans. Instead, I was in bed before 8:00pm last night! I don’t think I’ve gone to sleep that early in a long time! I can tell I needed it! I’m grateful for a quiet morning now. My family wasn’t going to be at church today so I’m skipping the 1st service I usually attend. I’ll come in for Children’s Church at the 2nd service hour. A quiet house and relaxed start to the morning is helping me feel like I’m recovering ground after this crazy weekend. However, I wouldn’t change a thing! I love these girls and I’m am so glad my weekend got to be spent with so many lovely ladies!


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