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Prepping for a Sleepover! May 31, 2013

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It’s that time of year! It’s time for my class sleepover! Every year I do a sleepover at my house for my Wednesday night class of girls. This year I have 10 girls coming as well as some amazing leaders to help me keep things from getting too crazy! This sleepover is one of my favorites because it’s so low-key compared to the big sleepover I do in February at the church. So what does a sleepover at my house look like? We’ll start off with a pizza dinner together – yum! Once we’re done eating, we’ll head outside to play a few yard games. We usually have a croquet tournament if the weather permits. It’s cloudy right now, but it’s supposed to burn off for this evening. I’m really hoping for some croquet tonight!

After the yard games, we’ll head inside for a combo of video games and board games. The Wii is always popular as we play Mario Kart or Wii Party. This year we’ll have the addition of Kinect Sports on the Xbox. These activities are good because they allow the girls to work in teams and continue to build relationships. I have a huge stack of board games that we can play as well. Some favorites from years past would be Disney Scene-It, Apples to Apples Jr. and Last Word. My class this year is really hoping we would play the animal kingdom game. This game is a modified version of Mafia. Jeremy didn’t like the idea of people killing each other but it’s okay for animals, I guess. We make sure the deaths are non-violent and have little or no description. Most of the girls have played Mafia, but to keep things as friendly and G-rated as possible we’ve turned it into an animal game.

As we move inside from the outdoor games, we’ll pause to have dessert. This year we have cake and ice cream to celebrate the many June birthday we have coming up in the next week! Three to be exact! I purchased a cake that has all kinds of fun colors on the inside. We’ll see how it turns out. It looked intriguing. I also have toppings for the ice cream so they can make mini-sundaes to go with their cake! Oh yeah! Nothing like sugaring them up before the next round of games!

Around 10:00pm, we switch modes. I have the girls set-up their sleeping bags and get in their pajamas (if their not already). We’ll start a movie and usually it’s lights out and quiet after 12:30am or so. Most girls make it a challenge to see how late they can stay up, but the majority of them fall asleep during the movie. That is intentional planning on my part! I tell the ones that do make it through the movie to not disturb their sleeping neighbors or me. If they can be quiet enough that the rest of us can sleep then by all means stay up as late you like! Tomorrow I have another big day once the sleepover is over, so I’ll keep on top of the sleeping situation this year. I’ll need some rest before Saturday!

Saturday morning, we have a big waffle breakfast together! I provide strawberries and whip cream to make the waffles extra special! We’ll clean up and pack up after breakfast and head back to the church to meet up with their parents. Once all the girls are off, I usually head home and try to reclaim my house. This year I might just take a quick nap before I have to get ready to head up north for a graduation of one of my mentor girls. We’ll see how that all pans out! If the house has to wait until Sunday, it should be fine since I won’t be home most of Saturday afternoon/evening!

That’s my plan for tonight! I’m super excited and can’t wait to have a blast with my girls! Of course like most things these days, I’m wondering how this sleepover will look next year when I have a kid… It might be harder to turn my house upside for a pack of pre-teen girls. Jeremy and I have talked a little about it. We might do a game night or late night hang out, but minus the sleepover part next year. I don’t know. Just some thoughts and ideas. Since this could be the last sleepover at my house for a few years, I’m planning on making the most of every moment!


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