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A Birthday in the Park! May 27, 2013

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Excited for cake!

Excited for cake!

Tomorrow is my nephew’s 3rd birthday! We celebrated this weekend with family in the park. It was a lot of fun to gather and celebrate this little guy we love so much! Carson has been an exciting addition to our family. He is my first and at this time, only nephew! He is the leader of the pack when it comes to the grandchildren because he is the oldest. It’s been a blast to watch his personality develop with time. This guy loves his animals. He received some new animal toys this weekend and stopped opening his presents as a result. He didn’t need to know what was in the rest of the bags. He had new animals to play with! The park was a fun venue because the boys threw frisbees around and took turns playing on the playground with Carson. We enjoyed a yummy BBQ lunch and cake that Carson himself picked out. After we cleared out of the park, we headed back to Carson’s house to hang out for a little while longer. It was great to have some snuggle time with my nephew as we played with his new animals. This pretty much entailed the animals climbing up the mountain (my shoulder) and falling down. After that the animals played hide and seek in my hair. Fun times! I love spending time with this little guy and his sister. I am blessed by these little members of our family. I am excited to see how they grow and the people they are becoming. Happy birthday, Carson! Uncle Jeremy & Aunt Amy love you lots!


2 Responses to “A Birthday in the Park!”

  1. It was so great having you there! Carson is one loved little boy!

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