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Halfway There! May 26, 2013

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At 20 weeks our baby is the size of a banana or so I have been informed by baby websites!

At 20 weeks our baby is the size of a banana or so I have been informed by baby websites!

I’ve officially reached the halfway point in my pregnancy. The first twenty weeks have been interesting and part of me really hopes the next twenty just fly right by. The funny thing is I’ve been thinking/talking lot about being halfway there lately which has meant “Living on a Prayer” by Bon Jovi has been massively stuck in my head. Not all the lyrics apply, but the chorus is right up my alley – “Halfway there, living on a prayer” (Don’t forget to sing the Whooahs in your head or out loud as you read that). Hehe! This song came out the year I was born and although I don’t remember it being released, pop culture has certainly done it’s job to make this song an 80’s hit I know. Soo.. anyway, I’m halfway there! Living on a prayer!

Apart from this major milestone, Jeremy and I also added registering for baby stuff onto our list of firsts this week. Can I just tell you how grateful I am that I have a husband who doesn’t stress all that often! He really balanced me out during this process. I really didn’t expect registering to be so stressful or tiring, but wow, it’s took a lot out of me. As would be expected, I did a ton of research before we went. I thought I had done my homework, but once I got into the store, it was hard to know what items were better than others. Babies’R’Us gives you this HUGE list of stuff to register for that Jeremy and I are sure is just a ploy to make more money for them. Some of the items on the list sounded the same or sounded so vague we had no idea what they were. Registering for baby stuff made me feel dumb. It was a whole new world and I had no clue what I was doing. My mind automatically assumes that if we don’t register for the right stuff then we’ll fail as parents…. No clue why I think that this “stuff” is so important… Probably because I tie them to the safety and general well-being of my child. Oh well! I’m sure our kid will survive even we missed something on the registry.

It was mind boggling to me as we registered just how much all of these items would cost if all purchased by us. Oh my! Kids aren’t cheap! Yikes! Suddenly I wholeheartedly appreciate baby showers a lot more! While I am excited to decorate and prepare for this little one, I was overwhelmed by how much stuff they suggested you have. Where am I going to store all this stuff? I’m pretty sure it’s going to look a baby bomb went off in my house. I don’t remember baby items being so big either until I envisioned them in my own space!

Like I said before, my hubby was super helpful in this process. He reminded me that the kid will survive if we don’t have everything on the “list”. Jeremy was also great at picking things when I was torn between items and clueless as to what direction to go. At Babies’R’Us, the lady that helped us finish and finalize told me it looked like we were having a lot of fun while we registered – that fact is largely thanks to my hubby who can lighten any mood. After our first registry attempt, Jeremy and I went out to dinner to regroup and re-energize. Target was our next stop and it was a bit tricky there as well. The registry system wasn’t working right so Jeremy and I got to know many employees well as we tried to make this registry become a reality. After 45 minutes of trying this and that, we were able to make it happen! There was much celebrating! Because we had done all the hard thinking at the store before, we breezed through Target because we knew what was wanted. It was much faster and much easier on my brain. 

The adventures continue on in this new journey. Tomorrow will be the next adventure as I go clothes shopping – something I have not enjoyed since January. I need summer clothes, especially before our vacation next month, but I’m not looking forward to having to shop at new stores and in a new section. Yay for expanding! Okay, not so much. At least I’m technically on the down hill slope now, right? Halfway there!


5 Responses to “Halfway There!”

  1. Halfway there! As soon as I read this I went straight to your registries. Eric and I enjoyed browsing through it….my how different it is on the other side :) Some great items on there! I’m thinking that it should be acceptable to register for any and all children even after the first? Yes? I think so………

    • Amy Scott Says:

      I think its okay register for every kid. Each baby deserves some new stuff! Especially items that have been “we’ll-loved” by older siblings! Registering was mind blowing for us! I’m sure you guys would be pros. There were so many times I wish I had friends with us who knew the stuff better then we did. Your insight would have been helpful!

    • Amy Scott Says:

      Just curious, did you notice anything missing? I’m still hoping we did it right! We have no clue if we got all that we really “need”!

      • You guys did great! I loved how Babies R Us gives you a checklist, even though its about a mile long. The only thing we thought of is you might want to register for a second base for the car seat. I know you guys drive together most of the time, but its helpful to have one in a second car whether its your own or maybe your mom’s? Great job!! I want to go shopping for my nephew now!!!

      • Amy Scott Says:

        That’s a smart idea about the base!

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