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Spring To Do List – DONE! May 18, 2013

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On March 20th, the official 1st day of spring, I sat down with my laptop and made a list. It was a list of projects that I wanted to do around the house. The list included items like rearranging furniture, selling furniture, reorganizing closets, creating under the bed storage, etc. It was a pretty good list. I knew that I would have to get my hubby on board because I can’t really move furniture or sell it without his help. I shared my list with him and he was gracious enough to join my quest.

The first project came in the form of reorganizing our closets. The back guestroom has really been my domain to store my stuff. While I have slowly purged over the years I still had craft supplies, wrapping supplies and all my photos in that closet. This lead to us The Container Store to find the right sized under the bed storage. It was very exciting to get that closet cleared! The first step! After that I went through our closets and consolidated a lot of our stuff. I also got rid of a ton of college homework that I’ve been storing, but haven’t look at in many years. I kept all the important papers and most of my assignments are saved to my computer, so it felt good to finally lessen the paper load around here.



My hubby very kindly moved my bookshelf into our bedroom. He has also been helping me meet up with potential buyers on Craig’s List to sell the furniture in our guestroom.  Thursday night we sold the last of our items and now the space is completely cleared! I was super jazzed because our very wide computer desk sold. Now I’m able to get a slimmer desk that will accommodate more space in our office. I love creating space! The funny thing is that we’re without a desk for about a week while we wait for the other to be shipped to us. When in need, card tables work great! Okay, not really, but it’s keeping our stuff off the floor.

Which leads me to our final to-do list item! With all the furniture cleared out, I wanted to steam clean the floors before we put new furniture over those spots. Today was spent doing just that! Now the floors are cleaned and we’re ready for the next phase. I told myself I wanted these “clearing” projects finished by the time we left for Hawaii next month. After Hawaii, we’ll focus on refilling the areas that we cleared. I’m content with a job well done and completed. I know that making the back bedroom into a nursery will be lots of fun, but that is a summer project, so right now I’m happily going to enjoy the fact that my Spring To Do List was conquered! Hurray!



2 Responses to “Spring To Do List – DONE!”

  1. Maggie Says:

    Looks like a great clean slate to start with! Yay for finishing projects! :)

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