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Good-Bye White Sox May 8, 2013

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White Sox had many nicknames like Fat Cat and Tubba Bubba! In his prime he was a large fellow!

White Sox had many nicknames like Fat Cat and Tubba Bubba! In his prime he was a large fellow!

The summer before my 4th grade year a stray cat wandered into our neighborhood. He hung around our house and I remember begging my parents to let us keep him! I remember laying in the grass in the backyard praying that he could be ours.  My parents agreed and White Sox became a member of the Vitzthum family. He was already 5-6 years old when we got him the vet told us. He wasn’t a kitten, but he was cute with adorable white paws – thus the name. Very creative, I know!

White Sox is a cat who had more than 9 lives. When our flooded in Woodland, he was trapped in our garage. He broke his leg and had to wear a cast that he hated. He ate rat poisoning once and we thought he was going to die. One year my mom picked me up from Summer Camp and told me she had good news and bad news. The bad news was that she hit White Sox with the car. The good news is he survived. The one downside was he lost his tail in that accident, so he become a bobcat. He has been a part of 3 Vitzthum moves and has been in our family for almost 18 years! It’s hard to believe!

Sleeping on the deck!

Sleeping on the deck!

Today White Sox is gone… After many years of spunk, it was his time to go. It’s better this way, but it’s still hard to say good-bye. I told Jeremy the news and he told me that I have no childhood pets left. It’s true. They are all gone now. The dogs weren’t really mine, but I felt a bit of ownership in White Sox. I had prayed for him to stay in our family. I have a memory of when I had a sinus infection in middle school. I was in such a bad mood that my mom left White Sox into the house (he was always an outdoor cat) and he wandered around my bedroom to cheer me up. He was a great cat and his presence will be missed from our family. Sad day for Amy and my family!

I want to send a special shout out to my mom who took such great care of White Sox until the end! She has the hard job of being one to accompany pets to the vet and stay with them in their last minutes. I know this isn’t easy for her and I am so thankful for the love she shows our pets who are truly family members! She is a brave woman and I know that this is a hard day for all of us, especially her! And a special thanks for my dad for filling some gaps in my photos! These picture are from him and his collection since I lost some photos in a computer transfer a few years ago. Now I’ll have some pictures to carry on the memory.


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