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Happy May Day! May 1, 2013

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May Day flowers from my mom!

May Day flowers from my mom!

It’s hard to believe we find ourselves at May 1st! For some reason I thought that the month of April would go slowly, but it was just the opposite. It’s amazing how time flies! My mom is a sweetheart and last year she brought me flowers for May Day. As I was turning the calendar over today, I wondered if she would do the same thing this year and the answer to that is YES! My hubby showed me the flowers my mom had dropped off at the church over FaceTime this morning. Now they are on my dining room table. I think it’s sweet that my mom celebrates May Day. It’s so homey and Midwest-like in my mind. It’s a kind gesture and one I’m always pleasantly surprised by since May Day doesn’t come up as a holiday in my Outlook calendar.

VBA Desk!

VBA Desk!

Even though May is just beginning, I’ve been in full summer mode for about a month now. Once one big event is done, there is always another to plan at work. Easter Eggstravaganza gave way to securing our summer dates and making our summer packets! These hold all the info for our summer activities and the permission slips to attend the events. Now that all the dates are set in stone, it’s time to start planning some awesome summer events. I spent yesterday morning totally surrounded by VBA materials as I set a game plan for our Family VBA and made lists of what we still needed to order. My hubby had gotten roped into doing PowerPoint for a visiting group, so when He came into the office it was a VBA whirlwind and I was super jazzed to share all the progress I had made. Yes, VBA isn’t until July, but big events don’t happen over night. We have to have to get our ducks in a row before we bring on the team and start resourcing volunteers to be their best. It’s an exciting time as we plan and prepare and dream big for the summer.

It’s the beginning of May and I’m already living in summer mode! Hard to believe, but it’s like this every year. The funny thing is as I was flipping my calendar over this morning, I went too far and I realized that I had June up. I laughed because in a way I wish it was June and my Hawaiian vacation would be closer… but I’m okay with it being May. I plan to make the most of the month and even though I have to think so far in advance, I will try to live in the moment! Happy May Day!


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